For those of you who are interested, there is a limited time Trial version available for T-Money. It will give you a chance to kick the tires and try it for yourself before laying down the green to get it! As noted in the review/comments (, T-Money isn't for everyone but it can be very enlightening for most consumers and individuals!

Version 1.1.2 takes everything up to the next level. It adds some big features such as an all new Present/Future Value Calculator (Time value of Money), separate frequencies for payments and interest compounding, ability to email everything on the info page, use dates to set the period (as well as look at the end date!), and set payments for the beginning or end of period!

Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions! If you're looking for something unique, email me and ask for it! If it is for financial planning, chances are good that I'll add it (Ex: Profit and Loss was added thanks to user feedback! All free for current users too )!

Download Here: Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

Work through some of the examples below for an improv tour!

See this post for a quick tutorial: