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    way too frequently - like 10 times a day - i'll click on an email and it will take a minute or two to show the text - it just shows white screen until it loads. a couple times a day i can't see folders either - just white screen... i rarely have more than a couple cards open... and even when i close everything and reopen email it sometimes happens... restarts help but not always (and take too damned long)....

    it reminds me of the memory problems my treo would have sometimes... this is a real problem as you can imagine... i am a heavy email user - with an exchange email account and a pop email - but i dont have any preware or patches or anything fance installed (not yet anyway, still learning, open to suggestions!)

    any ideas on whats wrong or how to fix this? thanks so much!
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    does anyone have any suggestions?
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    How far back do you sync? Is it vital that you go that far back? The more emails you have the longer it will take to load everything. Maybe try and reduce the number of days you sync.

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