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    Just FYI, I got the following fix from the developer of Ancient Frog. And by the way, he emailed me back nearly instantly! Great customer service!

    My problem was not being able to save my progress in the game:

    Developer's response:
    I'm sorry about this - this is a bug that manifests itself on certain versions of the operating system. I have an update submitted to Palm which fixes it, but in the meantime you can get it working by doing the following:

    Connect your Pre to your computer
    Select 'USB Drive' on the Pre
    From your computer, create a directory called 'appdata' on the Pre (lower case, no quotes)
    Disconnect your Pre, and off you go

    I hope this fixes it for you. Thanks for buying Ancient Frog!

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    Yes, this was the same problem some people were having with 'Smiles' (over in another thread) - the version that's now in the App Catalog contains the fix for this.
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    Thanks James! Great game!.. guessing you made it?

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    I'm glad you like it! Yes, I made it - design, artwork, code, the whole shebang. (Which means I don't get to blame anyone else for that bug...)
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    Picked this up on Buy an App Day... really well done. Highly recommend it. Thanks Dev
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    I, too, used webOSAppDay as an excuse to pick up this game. I'm sad I waited so long. It's a gorgeous game, and I'm amazed at how many levels it comes with.
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    I also picked it up on webOSAppDay. It really is a very well thought out game. It seems like it will be very easy, but it actually requires a lot of thought.
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