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    I would like to see a Palm WebOS phone support reading Microsoft Tags.

    Don't know what that is? Well here's a link: Microsoft Tag - Linking real life with the digital world

    Similar to QrCode but much better in my opinion. A friend of mine just showed me his iPhone app that can decode that tag and it was really great.

    I'm just putting a request out there for this. Hopefully someone sees this.

    P.S. According to Microsoft:
    "* The Palm Pre only supports Javascript-based development. The barcode decoder in the Tag Reader, and other similar applications, requires the ability to support native code."

    Microsoft Tag. What Mobile Devices Work with Microsoft Tag Reader?
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    I was just introduced to Microsoft Tag, of course they can do this, I cannot. Sucks.

    Guess with the lack of comments here, not much interest?

    There seems to be all sorts of applications for this.
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