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    After Apple's insulting comments about Adobe's flash player and complete rejection of Flash for iPhone OS platform, why the hell Adobe still acts and talks like a Whiny kid?

    Let Apple play its game, Adobe has got webOS and Android. What bothers me is that Adobe never mention about webOS as their potential new platform and always sucks on to Google's android.

    DAMN YOU PPL!! When these Apple B**CHES will take webOS seriously?
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    I don't think Adobe is crying about Apple not letting flash on their devices. Adobe does not like the fact that Apple will not let developers use an Adobe tool to port applications to Apple format.

    Apple recently changed the rules for developers, forbidding the use of third-party tools in the creation of iPhone and iPad apps. In doing so, Adobe's complaint is said to suggest, Apple has actively interfered with companies' ability to compete.

    Adobe behind Apple antitrust complaints, sources say | MacNN
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    Let Flash die. Good riddance to crapy, closed, buggy software. Adobe is winning now... I have ZERO sympathy for Adobe. ZERO. They are cheapskates and price-gaugers, and they don't give a damn about openness- for them to complain that Apple is being closed is outrageous. I'm no fan of Apple's App Store policies- I think they're in the entirely wrong direction- but on this, I support them completely. Yes, I am a Mac user (as well as an Ubuntu Linux user), so you can call me biased- I don't care. I like Apple products, but I'm not a major fan. I don't like a lot of their policies, such as the focus on secrecy above everything, the closed nature of the App Store, the design of iTunes, and their attempts to kill jailbreaking- but there stance on Flash is awesome. Apple helped the GUI gain mass adoption. Apple helped kill the floppy drive and usher in the CD-ROM with the original iMac. Apple helped kill the stylus with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod- now let's support them killing yet another bad, outdated, buggy technology- Adios, Flash. Don't come back.
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    Adobe is just as bad as Datawiz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seb_or_Sam View Post
    Let Flash die. Good riddance to crapy, closed, buggy software. Adobe is winning now...
    ^ this
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    lol wow, I cant believe how many people on this forum are misinformed about adobe flash. In fact flash is open to a certain extent. They cant open everything due to copyright issues with the video codec they use.

    As for it being buggy. I have used it all my life sure sometimes it crashes and luckily with chrome it doesn't take my whole browser with it. But you take a look at any software and you'll always have at least one crash every once in awhile.

    And last time I checked adobe flash is free! The program to build an adobe flash program is not free but for everyone but the devs its completely free. So to say they are "cheapskates and price-gaugers" is down right funny.

    As for performance flash still out performs anything closely related to it. If you don't believe me check this out:
    The Man in Blue > "HTML5" versus Flash: Animation Benchmarking

    Adobe has every right to complain about this, and if you ask me its apple not adobe that is moving towards being closed. Sure they are supporting html5 to look semi decent, but in reality they lock down their devices more then anyone else I know. Just take a look at how they banned jail breaking and have some of the most ridiculous guidelines for developers. One of my friends was making a game in flash that he was planning out releasing for the iPhone but now he has to use objective C only.


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