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    Which do you like better? I'm wanting to buy one of these and want to see which one is better. TIA.
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    I tried QQ in its infancy but then bought MyQ. It does everything I'd want, very well. I'm not sure if either of them can handle multiple queues, but I don't need that anyway.
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    i have used MyQ ever since it came out on homebrew so I bought it in support of the developer. Not to say that its not a great app. It is! it has everything i need. Except for the trailer. I dont think the other one does that neither. But definitely its worth the money.
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    There is a MyQ ad-supported version in Preware if you want to try. There have been more features added since I believe. I like it better than QQ primarily because QQ's red hurts my eyes. MyQ is much nicer and is easy to use. I only need it for the occasional search and reordering on the go, along with a quick check of my upcoming queue, and it suits me just fine.
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    anyone else?
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    Just pick one and buy it--either one would work for you, I think. It's not like they're expensive.

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