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    MotionApps has said that they are tied to Palm's releases for releasing updates. It's been months since Classic has been updated. During that time, WebOS 1.4, 1.4.1, and have come out.
    MotionApps, any news on an update?
    I would like to see copy/paste integration with WebOS, temporary keyboard control restored by tap'n'hold on the gesture, and integrated notifications.
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    That would be really cool stuff...

    What I would REALLY like to see is for Classic to load faster.
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    I have been wondering about future updates for Classic as well, I was hoping for more compatibility with apps like Kinoma EX. I want to stream Clear Channel radio stations that current WebOS audio codecs do not support, but the app Kinoma EX on my PalmOS Treo did.
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    kinoma EX= audible, orb, podcasts, radio stations, wma and wmv support.
    Hopefully they'll have it sorted out when the fall update comes out
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