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    So far, Wobble Words has a 4.6 rating in the App Catalog, and a lot of my PreCentral peeps have given some great feedback. I noticed that the rating for the app listing here could use some more participation, so please pop over to its PreCentral page:

    Then log in and give it a rating (comments are always welcome, too!) And for the true fans, any twitter/digg/facebook exposure would be appreciated.

    Feel free to ping @GobicoGames with any questions or feedback, or PM me here.
    Dave Balmer, Gobico Games

    Thanks for your support! Check out Wobble Words 2 and Poker Drops available now in the App Catalog for Palm Pre and Pixi, and follow us on Twitter @GobicoGames to get the latest news.
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    sweet app play it every day it has helped expand my vocabulary thanks for the great app
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    I love, love, love this game! I gave it 5 stars in the app catalog back when I purchased it!

    ETA: I saw the webosroundoup gave your game some love over the weekend. He did a YT vlog about it. Pretty cool!
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    It's a great game, but is there documentation on the scoring somewhere? I occasionally see something like "[x] points for 3 words" and I have no idea what that means. I don't see anything about it in the game itself.

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