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    Hi all! I am disgusted with Dataviz and their minimalist Documents to go for WebOS. I got that email about being on a "stand still" and have given up. I just bought QuickOffice in hopes of installing into Classic and using through that interface. Now that I have installed the program on my computer, I am stumped as to how to get the files onto the pre. I thought it would be easy to drag and drop the files into the install folder, but I am not sure what files to put there. Has anyone done this? Thanks!
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    Don't know if you figured this out or not...

    I don't have QuickOffice so I can't speak about them specifically, but you will want to install any .pdb and .prc files into Classic. If QuickOffice delivered their files as a Windows EXE, it probably stuck a bunch of pdb and/or prc files somewhere on your hard disk. You can do a search to find the right folder.

    To install in Classic, plug the Palm into your computer, tap 'USB Drive', and then put the files on the phone under ClassicApps/Install.

    Let me know if it works. I'm considering buying the program myself.
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    Also, can Font Bucket be installed to work along with it. I know it continued working on Palm OS even once it was no longer included with Quick Office. I have specialized fonts I'd like to use with it.
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    Hi there,

    I just would like to know whether you could actually run Quickoffice under Classic?
    Background of my question is Quickoffice only costs about €11,- whilst Docs-to-go for PalmOS still costs about €45,- and I don't want to spend that much money for a software that I won't be able to use anymore once there will be WebOS 2.0 (what a shame that it won't support 'Classic', the guys at motionapps offer such an excellent service).
    Is there any way to get at least a trial Quickoffice version for PalmOS ? I haven't found one on or elsewhere.

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