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    DataZ must be kicking themselves for sending that email out a day too early. Knowing HP is definitely going to have a tablet using WebOS, it seems that would be perfect for a doc editing program like Dos To Go.

    I really did not care about Doc To Go before, becasue it is not realistic to do real work on a small phone screen. Most of the word doc I create includes diagrams, lists, multiple levels of outlines, so on a small screen, it is useless.

    But that an change for a tablet. 8 or 9 inches is pretty good size for doc editing. If DataZ does not create one, I am sure someone can easily port a Unix editor using PDK.
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    I agree and I'm a former Docs to Go and Smartlist Database user who no longer cares for Dataviz offerings.

    How many times will people knock on Dataviz's door before they give up waiting for an answer?

    Other options are on the horizon and DV has simply given up on webOS more times then necessary and I'm giving up on them.

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    My sentiments are the same. If I'd had a second choice aside from Dcos to Go. I would NOW prefer to purchase that over Datavizs' apps.
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    I had DTG on my Treo and it was perfect, it's just a means to do quick edits not start and complete whole projects on a small screen. My issue with Dataviz is there lack of interest, I'm pretty sure when other options say open office expresses interest we'll now see dataviz offering their service.

    I hate to brig the whole iPhone comparison but you really can't when it comes to smart phones and the app availability. webos just does not have enough options out there. Thats why games are like 6-7 bucks when the exact same game is free on iphone. Who's there competition? Downside of that of course are multiple apps of the same category, like 50 diff twitter apps. But at least there is a choice, pay for the more high developed app like Twitterific Premium or the free basic versions out there with limited functionality.

    More app, more app, more innovative and even ones that you'd probably use one time and delete, but at least the option was there. Thats why iphone is successful there literally is an app for anything
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    if it comes out I'll be spending my time trolling another website impart of and find a cracked version.
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    now that hp has our backs they should just pay a developer to make something like docs to go and make it standard on the pre, then when dataviz realizes their mistake and tries to finally give us the app we wanted before we can ban it from the app catalog (if only for the reason that they had no faith in palm) lol....give em the ol finger
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    Dont you think its strange that dataviz would make a move like that a day before big hp announcment? First i though one of the companies like google, apple, rim made a deal with them not to make docstogo for webos, this way many bussiness oriented users would just drop webos. palm might had poor sales but it was mostly to poor advertising. Still if webos would get docstogo, rim company would start loosing more and more users due to their stale os. Now it just looks like palm was waiting for dataviz to respond.
    statements like this are not made in one day. im sure either company knew about this big change. thats my opinion.
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    I think they had stopped development a while back, but finally owned up to it. It serves them right that they sent the email the day before the announcement. They won't be getting any of my money if they change their mind.
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    HHas anyone tried Docs2Go using Classic mode by Motion apps? I've been a long time Docs to go User and like previous posters mentioned; although DTG has the capability to create docs from start to finish I use it mainly for on the go updates (especially in excel), short edits of Power Point and review and edits of Word.

    I've been a HUGE fan of Smartlist to GO and have created several personal lists and sheets in that venue.

    I'm rather disappointed that Dataviz seems to have abandoned the development of their program for the Pre - especially since I JUST got my PRE nad had visited their site before taking the plunge that day and they were advertising they WOULD be working on editing capabilities and to please enter your email addy to be notified when the update became available!

    Now hearing they have come to a standstill on PRE usage development kind of takes some luster away from my new purchase.

    BUT I WILL investigate Motion Apps Classic to see if I can retain DTG functionality.

    Its annoying that people insist upon touting the benefits of the iPhone when I rarely see anyone with an iphone doing anything constructive with the device! The iphone is simply a snazzy toy while Palm has a long history of being a business tool that many other companies have tried to emulate.

    While the iPhone CLAIMS to allow open source developers to create apps - in fact the apps must pass iphone morality scrutiny to be accepted as a viable option for the end user. RIM's CEO made a public statement how they keep copies of EVERYTHING that goes through their system - from voice to texts - how comfortable are you with another country copying your communications?

    I've not synced my new device yet - and while the "cloud" is intriguing - I'll likely adopt a personal, local option of syncing - why? Because I DO notate personal ideas, sketches and projects in my device that later I may want to patent or publish - so I'm looking at this "cloud syncing" from that perspective - do I want to risk MY ideas being claimed by someone else because they hacked into or decrypted a cloud transmission? NOPE! Do I want MY ideas and projects to be reviewed, read or usurped because a copy exists on a foreign country's server? NOPE! many of my published articles have been edited on my palm using DTG and so far I have maintained personal credit for the articles. The original copies reside safely within MY data terminals and storage.

    While I may not care if some cloud entity discovers where I live or travel - I do NOT have permission from everyone of my business clients to allow THEIR information to be sent to "the CLOUD" - which is why I want to continue syncing locally.

    WIth luck I can continue using DTG by utilizing a forward thinking program from MotionApps which opens up the ability to use TENS of THOUSANDS of palm apps - far out numbering Apps available for the iphone and without the snoops at GOOGLE prying either!

    The nice thing about the Palm community is that usually someone comes up with a great program that increases the value of the Palm as a great business tool!


    PS - searching PreCentral reveals some users having success using Docs To GO via MotionApps Classic! Really encouraging! Also Precentral helped me find OfficeSuite Classic 7 by Mobile Systems which offers MS document functionality on the PRE. and Finally - considering I am still in "discovery mode" with the PRE - it seems Google has wrangled their way into the PRE for the WEB OS interfacing! Must say I am a bit miffed - but still looking for ways to sync my personal docs and data locally while being able to utilize the WEB ffrom the PRE. Still fairly pleased with my device and its abilities! ANd am readying the device for MotionApps Classic now!

    Cheers again!
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    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgewizard View Post

    I've been a HUGE fan of Smartlist to GO and have created several personal lists and sheets in that venue.

    Its annoying that people insist upon touting the benefits of the iPhone when I rarely see anyone with an iphone doing anything constructive with the device! The iphone is simply a snazzy toy while Palm has a long history of being a business tool that many other companies have tried to emulate.

    I also loved and used the original Smartlist to Go religiously for business to log miles on my original Treo 650. Greet app and well worth every penny, but obviously it had to go with no webOS options.

    Either way, you mention people over glorifying their iPhones. To be honest, the phone sucks and its only indearing quality is it's software options.

    I've used alot of phones and the Apple Iphones have taken a signicant backseat to almost everything out now, but Apple doesn't need thw best phone or service (yikes ATT has had problems) when you have 100K apps to backup your notion.

    Thankfully webOS software options are growing signicantly and more and more app developers are looking in our direction.

    Things will only get better with time especially now that HP is joining the mix and I'm looking forward to all changes that come.

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    a small proactive nudge to DataViz:

    Hi folks,
    While I rated DataViz a 5 as an outstanding product I'm not certain that rating will remain - I've been a long time user and fan of DataViz products: Documents To Go from version 3 up to 11, Smartlist to go and Beyond Contacts (although I have yet to install this program as I prefer Palm Desktop to Outlook). Docs to Go and Smartlist have become an integral part of my daily personal and business life! Now that I have upgraded my Palm device to a Palm Pre I am thoroughly disheartened that DataViz recently announced they have come to a "STANDSTILL" regarding further development with Palm WEB OS. Considering that Palm appeared to be the taking off point for DataViz so many years ago and even on your site appears to have the most device integration and majority of upgrades - the fact that DataViz has now left this wonderful device devoid of the ability to edit our documents feels like a slap in the face! Thanks for being our stepping stone and launch pad - now you are our door mat! DataViz's standstill may likely be MY reason to abandon Data Viz and move to Mobile Systems OfficeSuite Classic7 which appears to offer as much, if not more, functionality with MS documents! Come to think of it, I WILL change my 5 star rating to a 3 - middle of the road - so that gives DataViz something to shoot for - a five star rating from their long time user(s)!
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!

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