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    worthwhileTech is pleased to announce that we will be giving away $500.00!

    Why are we doing this, and more importantly, how can you qualify?

    Our primary app, LaunchPoint Speed Dial, has long been a favorite of the homebrew community. LaunchPoint is a unique app because it creates speed dial shortcuts right in your launcher pages. Homebrew users are able to customize the appearance of their launcher pages through the many available homebrew patches, giving users the ability to create additional launcher pages, use a 4x4 grid, created named launcher pages, etc.

    Version 0.9.5 of LaunchPoint Speed Dial, soon to be released through the app catalog, has new behind the scenes features that will allow for unprecedented customization of the appearance of your launchpoint icons.

    To encourage people to take advantage of these new features, we will be giving away a total of $500.00 to the individual(s) that creates the most unique way to use these new features, and more importantly, gives other LaunchPoint users the knowledge or capability to utilize their creativity. This may be accomplished simply by posting screenshots and instructions, creating new patches, or creating a new app (homebrew or app catalog) that allows for customization or modification of LaunchPoint icons.

    Our job at worthwhileTech will be to document the new features and give you ideas how to best use them. Your job will be to take the ball and run with it, and see what you can come up with. We are confident that the results will be amazing.

    The $500 will be awarded July 1, 2010. At our discretion, we will distribute the money to a single individual or to up to 5 individuals if we feel that there are multiple solutions that all quality. This is not a contest. This is a bonus paid by us to those we feel deserve it. Our decision is purely subjective and will be considered final. You are under no obligation to participate.

    If your solution consists of an app, you are free to publish your solution as a free or paid app through the official app catalog or as a homebrew app. You are free to market your solution however you see fit. Any payment or donations you receive for your solution is, obviously, yours.

    Users may post feedback to this thread as to who they feel deserves the money.

    Those wishing to qualify for consideration can start their own thread under "webOs Developer Forums/worthwhileTech". We reserve the right to moderate these threads or remove threads or posts that are inappropriate or unrelated to supporting the users of worthwhileTech products or services.

    We would especially like to thank Dieter and the preCentral staff for providing this forum and for supporting the homebrew community.


    p.s. This post will be followed shortly with technical details to get you started

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    LaunchPoint Speed Dial - There's no faster way to dial, email, or text, period.
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    Here are some technical details to get you started:

    Starting with version 0.9.5, LaunchPoint Speed Dial creates a folder in the USB partition of the webOS device. The path of this folder is /media/internal/.launchpoint/. When this folder is created for the first time, a single file is copied into it. The name of this file is overlay-default.png.

    When a launchpoint is created, the overlay-default.png image is composited over top of the contact's photo. This creates the border effect as seen on the icons in the screenshot in the previous post. The resulting image is saved to the .launchpoint folder. The file name is the contact's id number followed by the type of launchpoint, such as 330285927618email.png.

    So, the simplest way to customize LaunchPoint is to create a new overlay image to change the border effect. This is done by dropping a new file into the .launchpoint folder with a name of overlay.png. When LaunchPoint sees this file, it will be used for all photo icons.

    Overlay.png should be 64x64 pixels. It will composited over top of the contact's photo. Any transparent or partially transparent pixels will allow the photo to show through. Any opaque pixels will define the overlay effect.

    In my next post, I will explain how you can create specific overlays for each type of launchpoint. This would allow you to draw a phone icon in the bottom corner of dial launchpoints, an envelope on email launchpoints etc. I will also be posting sample overlay files that you can begin using and screenshots to show the results.

    LaunchPoint Speed Dial - There's no faster way to dial, email, or text, period.
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    Hey guys, check out my new tutorial:

    And my youtube video:

    Let me know what you think! :-)
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