I've reviewed the budget/checkbook apps and was wondering if anyone had any additional advice based on personal use. My wife and I both have Pre's, and want a way to easily track our budget. Any budget/checkbook app would work so long as it meets the following criteria:
1. Ability to sync the data from two users (preferably online)
2. Robust ability to create and track a budget
3. Convenient (my wife won't use it unless it's quick, ex. autofill would be nice)

Based on these requirements, the only candidate so far as I can tell is Clearcheckbook. My primary problems with this app are #1 online use only and #2 no autofill. Otherwise it looks like a pretty good program. I'd be willing to use another program like checkbook that backs up to Google spreadsheet, but didn't know if anyone had any experience backing up two users to the same spreadsheet. Any other thoughts or suggestions are welcome.