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    I searched the threads, App Catalog, and Preware but I couldn't find an app. My friend has an app where when he updated either his Facebook or Twitter stat both are updated. I wanted to know if the Palm had an app like that?
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    i dont know/think there's an app for it, but i know you can link your facebook to your twitter through facebooks site (there's an app on facebook).. then when you update your twitter it also updates your facebook.. dont think it works the other way around tho (facebook to twitter))
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    Pixelpipe will let you update multiple Social Networks, but I use the solution mentioned above. you can also link twitter to LinkedIn

    Then my tweets update my twitter, FB, and LinkedIn

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    #4 app does it perfectly!
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    The app does this very well!
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    I use pixelpipe for uploading photos to both my Facebook & Twitter. But if it is just a status update, does a great job. Both are good apps. If anyone finds something like qStatus for webos, LET ME KNOW! That is one of the apps I really miss from my, now gone, iPhone.
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