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    Only getting image descriptions... No pictures or prices. Image box just sits and spins and the price area, condition, and description heading all show "false".

    I know there's a Woot Off going on right now, but they have shown up fine in the past. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Not sure, but since 1.4, notifications haven't been working right either. When you tap on the notification, it brings up the app, but then the notification doesn't get dismissed.
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    --same thing here. I switched to @wootoff twitter sms notifications. They've been right on time compared to on my desktop.
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    I tweeted with @DeliciousMorsel, the developer of Twee, today. He's aware of the issue (apparently Woot changed something) and is working on a fix. {Jonathan}
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    yep. Same here. The 'wooters!' app is also having a few problems, too.

    I've also been unable to post comments on woot. I am logged in on my Pre, and if I try to post a comment it asks me to log in again, telling me I am typing an invalid password.

    anyone able to post comments from their Pre?
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    Odd... new Woot up and it's working fine... it's even a Woot Off!
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    Does anyone have notifications working? I only saw them once and it was while the app was open. Now I get no notifications. I hope the app gets updated to fix this.
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    Notifications work for me every night when the item switches. They don't (and have never claimed to) work during wootoffs.
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    woot-offs seem to really mess with that application. Same thing happened last time. I assume it caused by changes made on woot's servers, and the app has to adjust to them when they break stuff. Of course, I could be wring. I use both woot clients off and on. At least one of them generally works...
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    Speaking of daily deals, is this the funniest thing ever? Perfect for cluttering up you entire desk so you can't do any work...

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