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    Quote Originally Posted by pastorrich1 View Post
    This was posted on the homepage just last week.

    EDIT.... ha.. Johnny, I saw your (srcsm) too late!
    Hmmm, look what just made the front page

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    Got it too
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    Dear DataViz:

    Upon reading today's email you sent out to all of us who have patiently been waiting for Documents to Go, your decision to delay/stall it's development for Palm's WebOS devices has finally P-I-S-S-E-D ME OFF!

    It's not like this should have been any surprise for DataViz. Palm's WebOS has been out a full year already and I can only assume you've known about it even longer than that. For as long as Palm and their loyal customers have supported DataViz's products, I find it unforgiveable that you would conduct yourselves in this fashion. I mean, you developed for Android before WebOS for Pete's sake. I bought my Pre anticipating that it would only be a very short time if not right away that Docs-to-Go would be available for it. Now I wouldn't buy it, or upgrade my current Palm OS version if you paid me. I can only hope (and will support) one of the other developers, who I'm sure will come along and pick up your slack, and fill the void you've left for the 5 million Pre, Pre+, Pixi and Pixi+ owners world wide (Palm's Sales Numbers Are Boosting).

    I also blame DataViz, in part, for the situation Palm currently finds itself in. If you would have been on the ball and had worked with Palm early on, you could have had your products available on June 6, 2009 at the launch of Pre, which probably would have bolstered their sales and would have been an extra feather in your guy's cap for believing in Palm and showing their loyal customers that you cared enough to be ready with a solution to fill their needs. Instead, you balked, thinking you wouldn't "make money" on the deal. Having worked in the IT field for a number of years, I know it doesn't take that much in resources, to port existing applications over to new operating systems (even if they're open architecture).

    I've taken the liberty of posting a copy of this message on as well, where I know there are a number of like minded Palm loyalists who share these same feelings. Hopefully some of them will let you know their thoughts and feelings also. So I say, "good bye and good riddance DataViz"! We'll take our business and money elsewhere from now on!!
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    I agree with everyone's comments whole-heartedly...

    NOW, let's get over it (because it's very clear that DataViz has) ...

    ... and lets support the homebrew community that has helped us unleash the true potential of webOS out of our "beta phones", via initiatives such as webOS internals and webOS Quick Installer.

    Screw DataViz.

    Let's show them how successful an office suite would be on webOS and make them sorry for lost revenue...

    We're wasting time and energy trying to get them to change their minds...

    INSTEAD, show your support for jdiperla's preDocs and for webOS Internals' X11-based openOffice port

    If you are a developer of any sorts, and haven't already done so, please visit either thread and lend a hand (if you're interested of course!). Otherwise, donate!

    ~~on a side note, i do see DataViz's initial dilemma ... god knows how ANYONE would be able to write a full-fledged document editing suite in pure javascript/HTML/CSS! BUT, since the public release of the PDK ... they have had NO EXCUSE! ~~
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    = They haven't sold enough units for us to commit the resources to make this happen.
    word. getting this email made me wonder if this phone will be around for long. i've had mine since its release on verizon and it hasn't been a very positive experience. i've got a stock phone (no patches) with latest webos update but it grows increasingly sluggish, random shutdowns, "phone offline" problems, and now it won't send or receive multimedia texts (might be network problem but verizon can't replicate on their end). time will tell.
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    I think Palm should do something. Those words are borderline defamation of webOS.
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    For the occasional D2G user: if you have an old palm with D2G installed, and you still have your product key somewhere, you can get D2G to work on the Pre. I've been using it in Classic since June, and I can sync it, too. It should be a later version of D2G, though, and all the files you work on on your PC should be in one folder if you're interested in syncing. Plus, you have to deal with Classic, which slows things down a bit. With those little annoyances in mind, it does work very well. Here's what I posted before on this:
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    I wonder if they are rethinking their decision due to the recent developments with hp...
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    As currently stated on the Dataviz site:

    palm webOS

    Documents To Go® for
    palm webOS

    Welcome webOS fans! As you may already know, the Doc View application that is included on your device is powered by DataViz®, the industry leader in mobile Office compatibility.

    As Palm's document solution of choice for over 10 years, DataViz is happy to tell you that we do plan to release Documents To Go for webOS. A release date is not available at this time, but if you'd like to stay up to date with our webOS plans, please enter your email address below.
    Ya, that's funny. Way to backtrack ya hosers. Next time just follow through from the beginning!!! Like they said "Palm's document solution of choice for over 10 years" -nice support ya jackholes!
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