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    definetly. like WHY THE HELL NOT?
    oh and i have a question:
    when you view a picture via the fb app, on the bottom left corner theres a bix in a circle, with an arrow in it, identical to the button in the native photo app, but it wont let you do ANYTHING. why?
    It looks like they have taken some of the same functionality from the native photo app in WebOS and integrated it into the fb app, but the two are obviously not "interchangeable".

    The "forward" button in the fb app currently doesn't do anything, but I would guess that the developers eventually intend to implement a menu allowing you to share or post the photo to a fb profile or attach to a fb message, much like you can do with fb on the PC (by clicking on "share"). Until then, you have a generic "placeholder" menu with no functionality.

    On the other hand, at least the fb app does allow you to post a caption along with the photo when uploading from within the fb app. Since the native photo app still doesn't have this functionality, I have been using the fb app anytime I take photos, since I usually intend to upload them to my fb page immediately, and I like to add captions to my photos.

    Eventually, all of us would like to have these features seamlessly integrated with WebOS so it doesn't matter if you are running the fb app or seems ridiculous to have 2 or 3 different ways to upload photos, all of which give you varying degrees of functionality.

    For me, the most annoying bug in the fb app to date is when I get a notification such as "John Doe likes your photo", and when I click on the word "photo", the message pops up at the bottom saying, "Error: Unable to open photo". OK...please fix this. I would really like to know which photo John Doe likes without having to search through all my photos.

    And another thing...when I post something that other people "like", I would really like to know who those people are! All I can find out now is "10 people like this". Is there a way to see the list of people who like it? No? OK...please fix that too.

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    I can't see tagged photos or photo comments. Not 100%
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