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    I just recieved this folks:

    Pimlico Software has just released Pimlical with Google calendar Support !
    Now on your windows desktop, you can use Pimlical to manage your Google Calendars with all its powerful search, viewing and calendar management capabilities. And since those changes are then easily synced to your iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Mobile phone or Palm OS Handheld, you can have the immediate benefit of updating calendar events easily on the desktop.

    You can download the latest version (1.2.22) of Pimlical from: and look at the feature set and screen shots (click on graphic at top right) and also purchase a copy from: Pimlico Software home page.

    Pimlical also provides you with a valuable path to migrate your Palm data onto other platforms, as release 1.2.23 (posting date: 25apr2010) includes an iCalendar Export function that allows you to export your entire Palm calendar database as an industry-standard, ICS type file, suitable for direct import into other calendar applications such as iCalendar, Google, etc.

    CESD at PimlicoSoftware is now working very hard on getting a preview release of a Pimlical client for Android available, but he needs your help right now too! As you may well know, all the revenues from the sale of Pimlical Software products go towards Wildlife Conservation, so he is also spending valuable time working on keeping the Gorilla Haven facility open. But with Palm's fortunes sinking rapidly, so are the revenues that pay for this facility. So your purchase of Pimlical at this time will really help gorillas as well as provide you with a useful calendar application for the desktop. It will also help speed up the development of the Android version if he doesn't have to spend as much time fund-raising for Gorilla Haven!

    Those of you who no longer have Palm devices will find its management of Google Calendars helpful almost no matter what Smartphone you have as almost all of them now can sync with Google Calendar!

    As soon as the Android version is out, work will commence on other implementations as the Pimlical calendar code is written in Java which facilitates moving it to other platforms.

    PALM boys - CHIME IN!
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    This looks very interesting. I have always loved Datebk, and now might upgrade to be able to use it via Classic on my Pre Plus; THEN purchase Pimlical with a $5 off coupon. Syncing with Google calendar is a definite plus!
    Works like nothing else!

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