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    I recently moved to an area not covered by Sprint (AT&T is pretty much all that's out here, but I don't want to switch). While at home, I use an AT&T GoPhone to make calls to family and friends, and to text. It's a pain to use, and it pains me to see my Pre sitting there, only to be used for internet uses while around my apartment (Wi-Fi).

    As I was driving back home tonight, I thought about possibly using a VOIP app to use my Pre while at home and ditching the AT&T phone, or at least trimming down my minutes. I've looked around, and the only thing I found that COULD work is using Skype and this IM+ software.

    It seems if I were to buy IM+, sign up for Skype for $3/month, and get a Skype number for $60/year, I should be long as I can use this in Wi-Fi. The only thing that would be an issue is driving around this area, as I don't get Sprint service nor Wi-Fi.

    It seems like it could be a lot less expensive as my current setup, and since I plan to move to a Sprint area when my apartment lease is up, this would all be short term.
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    You need the wifi unless I'm mistaken

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