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    Google Maps is not returning direction results for public transit routes here in San Diego, CA. Seemed to stop working last Sunday. Driving and walking results are fine.

    When the public transit option is selected, it just comes back with "An error occurred"- and that's it.

    Anyone else having problems? Anyone's working? (None of my friends' work either).

    It's a huge bummer to me, since I use it very often- and it's ironic, since I frequently sing its praises.

    This is not the "requires an internet connection" issue.

    [Sprint,, G.maps: v7.10, various patches installed]

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    I don't really use it but just tested it out & I'm getting the same error message
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    Same error message here.
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    Google doesn't have WebOS listed as a "supported phone". Has that been that way or is there something else in the offing?

    It's being talked about on Google's webOS forum. What gives?
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    Mine stopped working about two weeks ago now. I use it like CRAZY here in dallas, since the dart website isn't exactly too helpful to me. But google doesn't have a help page for webos, just mentions it briefly here and there (hard to find) so it seems to me they don't care too much about webos. I emailed precentral seeing if they could run it as a story to see how many others have this problem
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    yea I don't think google wants to help us out too much. They see the potential in the phone and want it to fail. Gmaps went from opening instantly like ypmobile but now takes 10sec+ to open and now the transit doesn't work. Like someone said before this "app" isn't really an app but a web page (kinda) but everytime we open the app it's like opening the facebook app, nothing is stored on our phones it's all online (maps etc) so to change things for the better or worse could be done at any given time.
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    I get the same error done here in LA. I am hoping the big HP deal with bring a lot more heavy players to the WebOS table soon and force google to support WebOS. although you have to wonder if there is a limit to the number of OS's you can support!
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    same thing here in boston.
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    Google is aware of the issue and is supposedly looking into it..

    I don't have enough posts to post links, but it has been addressed on the google mobile help forums.
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    Loving the Pre...
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    I decided to try the Google Maps public transit directions on my Pre just on a whim and its works! Looks like somebody fixed it, don't want to get ahead of myself, so go ahead and try it out, see if your phones are working now too.

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