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    High On Color is a very addicting game where you guide your player up a never ending series of platforms in an attempt to get the highest possible score you can. You control the player's movements by tilting your phone from side to side. You also have to manage your player's color either by using on screen buttons or with the keyboard. Each platform in the game is colored and you must match the player's color to the color of each of the platforms to land on it, otherwise your player will fall past the platform. If you fall too far the game will be over. As your player gets higher the game increases in difficulty. --App Catalog Description

    I got this game 5 minutes ago for .99 cents and I'm already hooked. This game is addicting.

    The mechanics are perfect. The feel of the jump is very natural and you're able to wrap around the screen with ease. The accelerometer implementation is just perfect.

    I feel graphics could do a big change, although I got over that very quickly while playing the game. I think an update for separate skins would be excellent. I'd love a retro skin!

    What makes this game different from Doodle Jump is the idea of three colors. This does a combination of QTE (press a button at the right time and such - or something from guitar hero) and Doodle Jump (without any shooting or monsters) to create a quick paced game that you'll get addicted to easily.

    Here's a screenshot of the game. The idea is that you must press a color in order to land on a platform of that certain color. If you're red, you'll be able to land on red. If you're blue, you can't. Simple as that.

    Although I really like this new challenge, (Doodle Jump seems so trivial and easy now compared to this) I'd like a game option without the color part when I get frustrated.

    This game has potential. For example:

    • Online high scores to compare with other players
    • Multiplayer (turn by turn or even online/wifi/bluetooth race to a specific score in fastest time).
    • Level creation mode for other players (through internet)

    This game has a lot of potential and it seems that the developer is very attentive to updates. For example, the app was recently given Pixi support and keyboard support so you can take off the color boxes from the screen to view even more (accessible through options).
    (Side Note: this app has the same page for the home page and support in the app catalog. That's not exactly how it's supposed to be but I'll condone it for now)

    I gave this 4 stars for now but I'll give it 5 when the developer adds even more value. A definite buy for .99!

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    Hey guys,

    I am the developer of High On Color. First off I would like to thank you all for the positive feedback the game has been receiving. I have a lot of plans for the game and will continue to enhance and add features regularly. I will try as much as possible to work in what you, the users, want to have.

    One of the most common things I have been seeing in the reviews is that the graphics could use some work. I totally agree. I left the graphics simple on purpose so that I could spend most of my time developing the game play for the first couple releases.

    Here is a list of features that I am working on currently (in no particular order):

    New / updated graphics
    Online leader board
    Different game modes
    Power ups
    Graphic packs / themes that the user can select. This would change the look and feel of the game.

    Again I always welcome comments, criticism, and feature requests. Feel free to email me at, leave comments here, or in the app catalog. I will do my best to read all of them.
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    just bought the app will give my impressions after a few days of use
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    I can't find this game. Tried searching for it, and listing all games a-z.
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    Looks fun I'll have a look when I'm home
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    Great game! Good to hear mores on the way!

    The accelerometer feels amazing! I don't know how you did it!

    I like to sometimes play it carefully and other times play like I mad jack rabbit jumping crazy lengths between platforms, heh.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Not available for Verizon Pre Plus. Minimum OS is 1.4.1...

    Is it possible to get this to Pre Plus users? Who knows when Verizon will push out the 1.4.1 update to us.

    I'd really like to give the game a whirl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by o jrod o View Post
    Not available for Verizon Pre Plus. Minimum OS is 1.4.1...

    Is it possible to get this to Pre Plus users? Who knows when Verizon will push out the 1.4.1 update to us.

    I'd really like to give the game a whirl.
    Really? I didn't know that. That's not very fair to veriozon-ers
    OneInTheChamber, can you explain why this is 1.4.1+?
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    Can't find it in the catalog. Tried the direct link, and that's when it said I needed to update. Which of course we can't do.

    I want me some doodlejump like action
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    Sorry Verizon guys.

    I did not realize that Verizon was not using the latest version of WebOS.

    The original reason for choosing 1.4.1 was because it was supposed to have better audio support. As we all know the audio in 1.4.1 is still buggy so I removed it from the game for now.

    I will address this issue ASAP, I can probably select a much older version of WebOS as long as I don't include sound.

    Stay tuned.
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    Looks like 1.4.1 is supposed to start rolling out tomorrow, so this could be a non issues is the update rolls out quickly.
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    Any updates?
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    I will be submitting 1.0.4 this week. It will add an option so that the user can select from multiple graphics themes/packs to play the game with. For starters there will be the original graphics along with a brand new set of graphics. I will then release new graphics packs occasionally with future releases.

    There is also some minor performance tweaks in this update.

    After 1.0.4 releases I will be setting my sights on power ups and online high scores.

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