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    I didn't find an official DZ.Tanks thread, so here it goes...

    Let me just say that I really like DZ tanks, it is one of my first paid apps and I've spent many hours at home happily blowing up everything.

    Now for the question, they recently updated from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6 but I cannot find a change log anywhere. Does anyone know what has been changed?

    -I've searched the forums here
    -I checked the description at
    -I even checked the developers website Home (Dreamers of Zion - WebOS Games)

    I've played a few rounds in 1.0.6, but didn't notice any differences. Anybody find any changes? How about you dreamersofzion?
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    We're very glad to hear you're enjoying DZ.Tanks.

    Thanks for point out the lack of a changelog listing. Our changelog was not posted on the website, but we've corrected that.

    1.0.6 had no new features, and was a minor bug fix update because the beta feedback form was showing for non-beta users.

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