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    Have you seen the I Am Rich app in appscoop? It's 99 dollars. It's either a joke or a typo right?
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    Its for people with more money than brains
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    It made me laugh


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    It's real.. check out this article over at webosRoundup Reason #437 Why I Love webOS | webOSroundup
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    At least no one has bought it yet. This is from the Palm app feed. <ac:total_downloads>0</ac:total_downloads>
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    Thats pretty funny.
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    I would purchase it if the Dev. would take $99.99 (additional 99 cents) for a custom blue gem.
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    I was going to start a thread on this app. Glad I searched first.

    the message in the gem is

    "dumb@ss you been rick roll'd"
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    On his Developer Home page under Portfolio, He has a bunch of Wealth and Attraction authors links. Seems like he really believes he's gonna get rich with this
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    well if he sells the app to 10 people he gets a grand for next to no work
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    well if he sells the app to 10 people he gets a grand for next to no work
    yea, but if doesn't sell any he's down a hundred for submitting the app.
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    Hmm, never underestimate the stupidity of customers unfortunately. The same concept/name was one of the first iPhone apps @ $999.99 - I think it sold about 6 copies before Apple took it offline from complaints (funny, long enough for 6 * $300 revenue!). I remember a news story about one person defending the purchase - not sure if that was a parody though.

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    It was $1000 dollars on the iPhone app store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    yea, but if doesn't sell any he's down a hundred for submitting the app.
    Honestly people are stupid enough I gaurantee at least one person buys it within a months time from now
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    In case $99 is too cheap for you, there's now a $999 app that hit the Palm Web feed today called "I'm So ****ing Rich". Geez.

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    I almost wish I had a grand to spend on it
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    if you buy the 1,000 or 100 dollar apps your an *****. They do nothing and your wasting your $. Send a 1,000 and I'll drive to your house & kick you in your a.s.s. At least you will get something for your grand. People are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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