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    I've had ideas for a budget app since the PalmOS days. I looked around and didn't like most of them, and the one I did like could still stand to be improved. When the Pre came out I finally decided to make it, and so here we are: Wanderlife Budget.

    • Tracks your income as well as your spending. If you get a one time bonus like a tax refund you can enter it in and it will increase your discretionary income for that month only.
    • Tracks variable income. It can handle if you're paid hourly or your paycheck can vary month to month. It will automatically detect when a deposit is different than you budgeted for and adjust your discretionary income for it. It can also handle unpredictable income like sales from a small business.
    • Tracks long term expenses. If you have a yearly or other non-monthly bill it will budget a fraction of it every month to build up a fund that will be ready when it comes due. It will even tell you if you’re ahead of or behind schedule.
    • Statistics. It will calculate the high, low, and average spending in each category to help you determine the correct amount to budget. If you change the budgeted amount, it will also give you statistics for only what occurred since then.
    • Track as little or as much as you like. If you have a bill or income that’s exactly the same every month, you have the option of turning off tracking. It will still be used to calculate the overall budget but you don’t have to enter in any transactions.

    Release Notes:
    • 1.1 - Submitted to Palm
      • Transaction descriptions now have type-ahead based on previous transactions.
      • There's also a drop down of previous transaction descriptions. Don't have to pull out the keyboard at all.
      • Pop up number pad. Don't need to pull out the keyboard for amounts either.
      • Can now type to filter the categories on the main screen.
      • Fixed a bug in resolving unpredictable income categories. If you had one and you didn't reach the budgeted amount by the end of the month, it wouldn't tell you or dock your discretionary income, it would just continue as if you got it. Now it shows up on the resolving screen (which none of you have seen yet anyway because it hasn't existed long enough for the months to change over )
    • 1.0 - April 23, 2010
      • Initial release.

    Upcoming Features:
    • Debt calculator. Seems to be the most common request. Ask and ye shall receive

    Suggest anything else you want in the comments.
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    I'm really considering getting it. Any chance it will go on sale. You have three stars in the app catalog but nobody is writing a review, I will definitely get it if becomes cheaper though...
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    I am also considering it. I am having trouble finding a decent budgtet tracking app to help me monitor what I spend each month and to remind me when it's due and how much is left. I'm trying some free ones now, so I'll see how they do. Not that I don't mind paying for your app if it's what I need, but I want to look into all avenues before deciding. Looks good though. And I do like the idea of type ahead and the number pad.
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    Looks like a good app, I am interested, for sure.

    What are your future plans?

    The reason I ask is I was about to pull the trigger on an app that works with an online check book or account manager. Would not be too much of a stretch to see an app like yours incorporate such a thing.

    Thanks for developing and sharing!
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    When I first started I was thinking of making a general money program too, mainly so I don't have to enter things twice but also so I could write a program to import all my old PalmOS SplashMoney records into it (I still use it in Classic and it goes back to 2002.) There are two problems though. One is I don't know what the demand would be since there are other money managers out there. Two is I would like some sort of online sync directly with your bank feature like SplashMoney had to justify its existence more, but I don't know what they're hooking into to do that. So for now I'm just going to polish the budget app some more and see what kind of response it gets.
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    I bought this app, and have been using it the last few days.. so far so good (though I'm still poor! haha).

    I made note of this in my review in the app catalog, but I guess I'll post here too.

    the one big thing I would like to have in the app, is a credit card section, where I could enter my current balance, interest rate, and monthly payment payment, and it would be able to calculate how long it would take to pay off at that payment amount, adjust my balance down from whats owed, and maybe also be able to increase the balance each month based on interest rates inputted by the user?

    I know the app "Debt Free" does some of this, which is handy, but I'd like it to be all part of my budget helper. Not sure if this is possible, or even easy to do. If not possible, I still love this app, and I think it'll help me manage my monies better. so thanks a bunch!
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    A debt calculator seems to be a common request so it will probably be the focus of 1.2. (1.1 is virtually done and has all the features listed in the first post except for the icons.)
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    1.1 submitted to Palm. The focus is on ease of data entry, as you can see from the release notes in the first post, plus one bug squished.

    I have some ideas on how to integrate a debt calculator into the program. More later after I've fleshed it out a bit.

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