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    Recently Featured on Lifehacker these two notetaking apps work with iOS and Android. We should tell them to also work on an app for the Palm Pre

    Simplenote - Fast, free, synchronized notes for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - Home

    Snaptic Capture what matters Support site:

    I submitted a thread on the support site to create a Palm Pre/Pixi app, but its not shown up yet.
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    updated with Simplenote and Snaptic (thanks Eiseldora!) but I couldn't find the Snaptic post or get the site to work properly.

    added Angry Birds, who has been actively looking to get feedback to see whether WebOS users are interested in a port

    also added a couple I found on my own: Endomondo and Cardiotracker

    lets keep this going and get these developers to WebOS!
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    No one has mentioned this so far - how about Overwhelming Offers app for webOS? They already have apps for Blackberry, Android and iPhone. I already sent them a feedback requesting the same.
    Cricinfo Mobicast would be great too - it is available even on some dumb phones.
    For all those people asking for iheartradio, I got to say this - radiotime IMO is the best radio app ever across all platforms and its free (only) on WebOS and a paid app on android. wtg.
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    updated with RedEye Mini, Cricinfo Mobicast, and Overwhelming Offers
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    updated again
    removed Angry Birds - they responded to our feedback and released the app!
    added Ultimate Guitar (an app for guitar tablature)
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    updated again, added Starbucks
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    Quote Originally Posted by omerp118 View Post
    How about Subsonic (audio streaming)?
    looks like someone is working on it
    Subsonic Forum :: View topic - Palm Pre App
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    thanks mysteray! updated original posting with subsonic forum post.
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    how about TiKL, and OpenFeint?
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    i'm more than happy to add anything to the list if people provide links.

    updated again to reflect the new spotify app
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    Quote Originally Posted by bleach2k View Post
    iBlacklist call filter, call blocker and sms for webOS!!
    there's patches for this functionality
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    the Shazam link looks broken, and I sent off 4 or 5 more requests tonight, none that required signing up and logging in, i'll get around to those another time. Keep up the good work everyone, i'll commit to apply to at least 3 per day/night as a minimum until I hit them all. They can't ignore us forever
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    Click here to see my Palm Pre photos

    Fave Apps: Agenda, Facebook, Molo Photo Filters Pro, Spaz, AuctionMate Pro, Flickr Mundo, Brightness Unlinked, AccuWeather, NomNomNom, KalemSoft Media Player, Paketverfolgung, Puzzle Master

    Palm Pre -> HP Pre 3 + TouchPad <3
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    As for simplenote, from their website, there appears to be a third party app called "Noted!". (Sorry my post count is lower than 10 so I can't post links yet).

    I don't currently have a WebOS device (but I will soon) so I cannot test that app so I cannot say how good it is. I am quite a heavy simplenote user though so I will be interested in finding out more. I am also a hobbyist developer so I can myself look into developing one if the current app is not good enough.
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