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    oh and eBay app aswell
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    @crazytoes: there is an ebay app

    Shazam would really be a cool app to see on the pre

    additionally i really would like to see an app for soccer results. I sure would pay for that!

    but the best thing would be an app or a patch which makes the startscreen useful. something like having your favourite contacts on the startscreen. i really think the non-customizeable startscreen is a huge waste of space...
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    Great thread.

    I've already VOTED for QUICK OFFICE - if you log on to the QuickOffice website it actually allows you to vote 5 times for the App of your choice. And the folks at QuickOffice actually seem INTERESTED in getting feedback from people like us (Pre users!) who want a workable Quick Office App for Pre's.

    I also posted on the SKYPE for Palm Pre forum on the official Skype Forums. I can't help wondering though: does anyone who matters at Skype actually read posts in a Forum asking Skype to develop a Palm Pre specific mobile App?

    The final one I haven't seen mentioned here - and I don't know IF or WHERE there is an official please-create-a-Palm-Pre mobile version of your cool App - is IMDB. Internet Movie Database - the coolest source of info about movies to come out of the Internet.

    You'd think a mobile version of this App would have been created/developed for the Pre AGES ago. Guess again....!!!

    There are a few threads in the Precentral Forums about people who've requested Patches which give some IMDB Search functionality. Apparently there may be some complex technical issues here. But the fact remains: there are seriously cool IMDB Mobile Apps on iPhones and Android devices - isn't it about time that the folks who run IMDB realize and recognize that there are a lot of Palm Pre users who are IMDB addicts and want the functionality of a Pre-specific IMDB Mobile App?

    Don't know where Pre Users can request this though.....any ideas?


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    I'd love to see a Cisco VPN-Client. Without WebOS lacks a important business feature.

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    An app for the sonos music system would be sweet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by reflex View Post
    TomTom, Garmin, CoPilot, ... Take your pick.
    Quote Originally Posted by pepitosegrilla View Post
    My top 3:

    1.- Any GPS navigation app, that could navigate on airplane mode (TomTom, Garmin... any opensource option... having the ability to storage predownloaded Google Maps...
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    Doc editor (DocsToGo, QuickOffice,...)
    FTP client
    EASY wifi file sharing (no linux terminal hacking)

    Updates to Palm (Google)
    1. Paid apps for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!
    2. Update IM (official MSN/Live support in native messaging app)
    3. Up to date Google maps (Lattitude, Streetview, navigation would actually be the bomb)
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    Quote Originally Posted by fathom614 View Post
    MLB at bat, ESPN radio, and something like phone my pc on android.
    ESPN Radio is carried in RadioTime already.

    Quote Originally Posted by tbetz
    Really? I get lots of CC stations on Radiotime.
    You get Clear Channel syndicated programs, but no actual Clear Channel stations, yet. If you get a Clear Channel station, consider yourself lucky as it's a glitch in the system.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cheetum View Post
    Napster (or Rhapsody)

    requires Mic api:
    Midomi (or Shazam, although Midomi is much better)
    Vlingo (didn't see anyone else mention this one. )
    I was lookin and see your the only one that mentions Vlingo, I as well would like to see this on webos.

    Another one I don't see is the reader app for Microsoft Tags, funny that they have a version for PalmOs but not webos. I am in marketing and this is something starting to take hold and is a nifty little tool to use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Grace View Post
    There are already 2 Netflix sync apps in the App Catalog, QuickQueue and MyQ.
    Maybe they want the ability to watch Netflix on a WebOS platform?
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    sugarsync and shazam!!
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    These are the apps I still run via Classic, and that I wish we could get native webOS clients for:

    -- Life Balance (

    -- ClearSync (

    -- Bonsai (

    -- ExpensePlus (

    -- Metro (

    -- Pocket Quicken ( -- but a note on their site says this ain't gonna happen)

    - Travel Tracker (
    -- Kevin Andrew Lipscomb
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    BBC iPlayer, TV Catchup and Sopcast.
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    iBlacklist call filter, call blocker and sms for webOS!!
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    if webos could adapt the Audiosurf Tilt that ZuneHD has, i would pay 10 dollars a day to play it!
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    Please bring shazzam to webos
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    Signed up and voted for Dropbox. In case you haven't signed up will get an extra 250MB if you use this link (and I will too).
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    Hi there,

    For those of you who voted for Rhapsody there are some Rhapsody forum threads but I can't post them as I don't have enough tenure on this forum :/

    Just go to forum dot rhapsody dot com and do a search for "palm" - the 3 threads that pop up seem like the best places to let the company know if you're interested in a Rhapsody app for webOS. At least click on the button "I have this question too"

    The current position taken by reps who have responded to these threads is "it's on the roadmap but not as important as iPhone and Blackberry".
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    Added Spotify and Rhapsody.

    Shazam is highly demanded on here - all they have is a contact form, so I added that to the beginning.

    Thanks for the great suggestions everyone, but please help me out and post some links instead of just app names. I can't look up all of these on my own.
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    You're doing a fantastic job keeping things organized and updated in your opening posts.

    Thanks so much for this.
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