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    Hotspotshield would be great, in particular for people outside the US.

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    A WebOS native version of Audible's "Player" and "Audible Air"
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    Windows Live Messenger
    PreCentral(similar to engadget app)
    A (good) Period table
    Voice recorder(when mic API is released)
    Gorillacam(allows zoom, 3 shot bursts, etc.)
    Google earth(gotta compete with those new Android apps)
    White pages
    Some sort of virtual piano or loop device
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    How about having a Vonage app which does the call forwarding automatically to you... Go to , the app currently supports Iphone,Black berry and Android.
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    Jason, I was a little confused how I initially missed that you were making a dropbox app, but I did a little searching and looks like you started working on it after I made the original post. I amended to point out that there wasn't much purpose in voting for Dropbox, but I left the link.

    Laze, thanks for the LastFM link. I added it to the first post.
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    Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. The original point of this thread was to link to sites where you can literally vote for the WebOS port to show the company that we support it. I've consolidated all of those similar links into this first post. I'll work on putting some of the other links into the second post (like the forum threads that many of you have been linking to)
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    a KeePass ( or
    KeePassX ( port
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    Docs to go
    Waiting for Palm Pre on AT&T then can replace my iPhone. Needs Doc To Go and Flash

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    MLB at bat, ESPN radio, and something like phone my pc on android.
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    USAA, Precentral, and the flash 10.1 plugin or whatever it will be just to have it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CMercs View Post
    Not in any particular order, but i'd like to see RTM and SplashId Sync. But i think it would do Wonders from a marketing perspective to have Knocking and the AR Drone.

    Parrot AR Drone Remote Control Helicopter (I can't post links but be sure to google the videos)

    Knocking by Pointy Heads Software

    Chase Mobile Banking

    Google Goggles

    Remember The Milk

    Splash ID Desktop Sync
    +1 for the Splash ID Desktop Sync or even the Splash ID Live to sync with the Web OS Splash ID.

    I would say Quicken would be a good one as well.

    The last one would be the Facebook app to have people's status updates in the contacts. So when you want to see someone's status update, you can go and pull up the contact and it will tell you what it is. Outlook 2010 will soon have that when they release the Facebook Social Connector. I think that would be a great additional feature for the Facebook app to have.
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    Google Earth

    I don't know where to go to vote for the pre...but I'd love to see google earth on it.
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    It's been asked often in the forums, but I thought a poll would raise the interest:

    Vote - Isilo for WebOS

    Please vote for a StandAlone app.

    Just call me Berd.
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    this should be sticky, as more atter coming in
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    ShakeIt / hipstamatic... or any polaroid camera app
    Qik/ Ustream
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    docs to go or quickoffice (with edit)
    logmein client
    RSS reader
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    After spending so much time entering my email and other info in the browser, I wouldn't mind something like Auto Fill Forms.
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    USAA Mobile app

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