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    I would like to see whatsapp on the palm pre. I emailed them today about it and they replied saying they have no plans for WebOS at the moment.
    More people should get on their case and I think we might be able to persuade them.

    Check out their site and get in contact.
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    Second Vonage. Would love to see some corporate service apps (Southwest, BofA, Fedex, USAToday). I am not sure what compels companies to develop those apps, but I think it will create some momentum to get more companies to jump on board. I can only use the fart machine and the magic eightball so many times!
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    BBC iplayer
    Sky Sports Score Centre
    Kiss Kube Radio
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    OR ANY real scoreboard app outside of brighthouse labs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DCSIPre View Post
    What about Shazam and SugarSync or SpiderOak?
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    I'm desperate for a tool like Pocket Informant -- something that will give me basic features for these 2 apps -- ways to categorize, filter, color-code, change views, mark as private... The core WebOS calendars aren't terrible, but they could be much better but the core Task list functionality is nearly unusable - it could be seriously beefed up.
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    Wooo! Button. I loved this thing when I had the iphone.
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    used all my six votes for dropbox this month.
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    kindle app
    a good version of google maps
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    If you ever used Tryda on Palm OS you would miss it on the Pre..great yellow pages/White pages type app
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    *ESPN ScoreCenter
    *MLB At Bat 2010
    *NBA Game Time
    *NFL app
    *PGA Tour
    *NCAA March Madness
    *CBS Fantasy Sports
    *Yahoo Fantasy Sports

    The current sports Apps on the Pre are ridiculous.
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    0) Google Voice
    1) Dropbox
    2) Qik / Bambuser
    3) LogMeIn
    4) Shazam!

    I die every day I can't use some of the apps my iPhone friend has. But then I just come back with, I can multitask. Still sad though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tublecane View Post
    I agree!
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    London Tube app

    BBC News app

    Sky News app

    Sky Sports app

    Highways Agency app (UK Traffic app)


    Open office

    Some of the above are available for the old Palm OS

    It has been nearly been 8 months since the Pre was released and not one of these apps.
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    I have money waiting to give to someone for GPG support on the WebOS including integration into the email application. Something similar to enigmail for Thuderbird. Encryption on the webOS is something I have been chomping on the bit waiting for.
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    doodle jump
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    Not in any particular order, but i'd like to see RTM and SplashId Sync. But i think it would do Wonders from a marketing perspective to have Knocking and the AR Drone.

    Parrot AR Drone Remote Control Helicopter (I can't post links but be sure to google the videos)

    Knocking by Pointy Heads Software

    Chase Mobile Banking

    Google Goggles

    Remember The Milk

    Splash ID Desktop Sync
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    Quote Originally Posted by jinsaotome800 View Post
    rhapsody, slingplayer and netflix would be awesome
    There are already 2 Netflix sync apps in the App Catalog, QuickQueue and MyQ.
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    SlingPlayer mobile, please. New GSM Palm Pre owner here, coming from iPhone 3G. Loved having access to my cable box.. they have it on blackberries too and older phones (Palm OS too?).. would love for one to be on WebOS, one that would scale to a tablet later..mmmm
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    Shazam and a really good bar code reader (don't know of any names from other platforms).

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