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    Bluetooth keyboard drivers. Obvious reason here.

    Metro. I backpacked around half of Europe depending on this app.

    CaSTaway. Showing my age, but it is good to get a nostalgic run at the old computers every now and then. Castaway for Palm OS was a fun little Atari ST emulator.

    KiJiJi / eBay apps. Has to be a good way to track my auctions out there somewhere.

    EyeFi interface. Would be amazing if I could create a wifi network between my EyeFi card and the Palm Pre to backup photos / upload photos to flicker on the run.
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    (already created for iphone, port it!)

    Some sort of VNC Client (fully functional, not the current mix)
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    1.) Checkbook app that syncs with a desktop (Microsoft Money, Quicken, whatever) checkbook program.
    2.) A call recording program. Preferably one that you can set up to record specific numbers, but doesn't others.
    3.) XM/Sirius app.

    There are more on my wish list, but that's the most important group for me. A checkbook app would make my life a lot easier.
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    iheartradio . Listen to local radio stations
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    iheartradio . Listen to local radio stations
  7. #47 App (native for webOS, not the PalmOS via Classic workaround)
    Voice Commands
    Google Goggles
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    - direct email sync (like mylink for android, or activesync for wimo) for people who don't want the cloud or don't have an exchange server at hand
    - skype app.
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    Quickoffice or DocsToGo
    Bank of America
    ETrade Mobile Pro
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    Quote Originally Posted by chad783 View Post
    SLINGPLAYER Please!!!!!

    Enuff said.
    I second that motion!

    Slingplayer Mobile on WebOS would be awesome.

    I've started a thread on Sling's website:

    Slingbox Answers Forum: Slingplayer Mobile for WebOS
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    Shazam, Vonage, Skype. I forget the name, but the bar code price comparison app that I believe is already under development for WebOS? That's something else I really want.
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    Windows MCE Wifi Client
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    rhapsody, slingplayer and netflix would be awesome
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    *A better calendar
    *LandWare - Pocket Quicken
    *Qmobilsoft - CallRec
    *RNS - Top Area Codes
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    Rhapsody, Slingplayer, any office app!
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    Official supported ScummVM Version
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    Sonos and Sirius
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    I'm a web developer and would like these apps while on the road.

    1) FTP
    2) Text Editor (with ability to save different file extensions like .php, .asp, .html, etc)
    3) Wordpress app
    4) Paypal app
    5) Invoice creator app
    6) Project manager app
    7) Printing app
    8) Folder manager app

    *----- Dream but maybe possible?
    1) Apache / mysql / php app with local testing

    Thanks for listening
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