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    shazaam would be awesome
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    Really would like to see Google Maps navigation. Was a nice feature on my droid.
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    TomTom, Garmin, CoPilot, ... Take your pick.
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    I'm desperately seeking a really good RSS reader that integrates with Google Reader. I've tried all of the ones that I can get, paid and free. Being a "foreigner" limits my choices - for example, I can't download Scoop to give it a try (Scoop, I'll try if you go international!).

    None of them comes anywhere close to NewsRack (from OMZ Software) on my iPod (Google Reader, Feed Sorting, Twitter & email integration). Quite simply an elegant solution. It's pretty much the only reason I still carry my iPod around (
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    Quickoffice (full viewing and editing)

    Sugarsync app

    Computer remote control.
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    Shazam and onboard navigation like Navigon/Garmin/TomTom.

    Also Skype of course.. and a responsive native lightsabre app like "The Schwartz Unsheathed" for Android
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    Please can you add this to the first post? app for Palm Pre

    Many thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tublecane View Post
    radiotime is basicall iheartradio from what I've looked at.
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    You serious, I got to page 2 without someone saying SKYPE ?!? I mean, it's not even a huge deal, but I don't think the android platform offers, anything webos can't, so port apps.. and as a rule of thumb, go for the most popular on any other major OS. After all - apple stole from palm, and apple doesn't fall far from the palm tree.
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    Sirius/Xm. I'm tired of carrying around my Inno.
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    precentral app anyone? something like engadget's app, where new blog entries are shown by default (in a pre-friendly format), podcast/video links etc. are 'clickable'....
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    Two apps I'd like to have on my pre....if I had 'em I'd leave my ipod touch at home:
    Lose It! and Yammer.
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    #33, shazam or midomi, logmein, orb, slingbox
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    Palm Pre definitely needs more nature apps!

    Ones that help you identify birds or trees, or a planetarium app or etc.
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    If I had 1Password, MLB AtBat and if the webOS version of Yahtzee was like the iPhone OS version I'd never miss my ipod touch.
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    SLINGPLAYER Please!!!!!

    Enuff said.
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    A banking app from Chase would be nice. I also would like Mobiscope and Ultrasoft Money without using classic.
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    (oops... Landware's web site says that they have lost the license to support and sell PocketQuicken... so I guess it would have to be Intuit to put out a Palm Pre app)

    Personally, I'd prefer a PocketQuicken App (to sync wireless with Desktop Quicken) over the alternative of shifting my financial transactions and management from Quicken to I can't seem to find a forum posting on Quicken/PktQuicken on WebOS.
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