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    Does anyone know whether or not badkitty lets you run the app in landscape mode? Full landscape support would be nice.

    I'd like to get badkitty because it's apparently so fast and loveable. Twee paid opens 2 cards (annoying), tweefree has no notifications, and tweed doesnt do landscape unless I buy it, but since badkitty is free, I'd rather have that.

    Will Thank whoever answers!
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    I use TweeFree and it ssupports landscape. So does Spaz. Both are free.
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    no, bad kitty does not currently have landscape support.
    I would venture to say the ux is so well designed, I've never missed the landscape feature.
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    how is badkitty free? i see $2.99...
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    bad kitty isn't free. Cantaffordit was saying that TweeFree & spaz are free.

    Non-free Twee also supports landscape. Both Twee & TweeFree give the option to disable landscape. Which I exercise.

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