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    Price: $0.99
    App Name: Glucose Tracker
    Vendor Name: Vimukti Technologies Pvt Ltd

    • Measuring your glucose level can help you control diabetes & many complications.
    • Email the logs to yourself or to your doctor.
    • So, with this glucose tracker, you can keep a daily log of the glucose readings.
    • Take the readings at different times of a day.
    • This simplifies the glucose data logging. This saves the glucose level, time of the measurement & also relationship to the meal.
    • So, start tracking your blood sugar over time & get the summary of the logs through graph.
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    Are you considering adding a food-log to the App?
    If a patient is taking their levels 2 hours pp, it would be handy to have some record of what they (/we) have eaten.


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    Have you tried Sinovo's free web based app?
    It works great on my Pre and allows me to track my carbs and blood pressure as well as blood glucose.

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    @Jay - Thanks
    I saw this yesterday (and actually downloaded it), but there is no documentaiton (I could find), and I have no clue what teh various variables are for, units to be used, etc.

    Is there a manual anywhere?


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