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    I have recently started up my diet again and this time around I needed something that really made it easy to monitor and keep track of what I was doing so I bit the dust and signed up with weight watchers. However I don't use the computer, I use my itouch tethered from my pre. I am out more of the day then home and I'd forget things if I didn't have the app, plus it has a comprehensive list of things and a point calculator.

    I know alot of people are not willing to pay for it, but with the copyright they have, it's hard to find an app which even compares on any platform.

    I'd really love this on webos though. I think it could even have more functionality with a dashboard notification maybe? Idk but I'd like to point them to this forum and show them people are interested, so please post if you are. Would like to see this app. I think with the pdk this app would probably not be too hard to port over.
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    Oh c'mon guys, it's so simple, maybe you need a refresher course. It's all ball bearings these days.---Fletch
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    Wife has been looking for it for a while. +1 Sorli...
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    I've also been looking for a WebOS device for tracking weight watchers. I would gladly pay for it.
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    Me too. I want to see this done for Web OS.
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    I would pay for it if it was a really good and user friendly app. I hate the DC app that tracks "points". Having two databases is a pain in the... behind, once something is on my food log I cannot edit it (for example if I have a second serving I have to enter a second one rather than just doubling the first one).
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    Curious, how much does that WW app differ from their mobile site?
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    It's not using the WW points system, but I like the Absolute Fitness app for keeping track of what I eat, do for exercise, weight, blood pressure, etc.

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