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    I am running 2.1.2 classic on OS
    After Every single hot sync, Classic says 'now you need to reset' and when i push 'reset' it says 'illegal operation' and crashes.

    This happens even though i tried a hard reset with just some user data left - and the opposite. i tried uninstalling Palm desktop, deleting all use data from my computer, then reinstall and hotsync.

    If I could figure out how to delete all non Palm applications, I would, but can't see how to get it off both phone and desktop at once. Since it resets everytime and crashes, even if i delete the apps from my handheld, the Desktop version reinstalls the apps.

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    Which version Palm Desktop are you using? Did you ever have it working correctly with Classic on your Pre, or has it been like this from the start? Were you using Palm Desktop previously with another Palm handheld? What kind of software/files are you using on your Pre?

    After a hard reset, if you first remove files from your backup folder (on the desktop) before the next hotsync, these files won't "restore" to Classic on your Pre. This way, you can have a clean start.

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    Tom you are awesome. I struggled with this for weeks and your solution worked in just a few minutes. thank you! Have a great day!
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    Glad to have helped!

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    Ok now I have a new problem

    everytime I hot sync, it doesn't recognize my user info, so it asks me to select a new user and then restores everything on my handheld. How can I make it recognize me?

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