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    Hey everybody,

    I just got me new Palm Pre a couple days ago and have enjoyed looking through the apps to keep me busy for some time!

    I have one question that probably already has been answered. (Sorry for being ingorant) My question being is there an app available or in the works for a flashlight app that uses the light on the back of the phone used for your camera flash?

    If there is one could someone give me a link to the post or the app please?

    Much appreciated everyone, and I look forward to discussing apps in the future!

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    There is a patch in preware that enable app that i know of...
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    led torch is one, my flashlight is another. They both require a separate serivce to function. I prefer led torch and jason has a nice device menu patch that puts a toggle for it in the device menu. Led torch also does strobe light. Both in preware!
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    myFlashLight! in Preware should be what you're looking for.
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    LED Torch works great for me and Jason supports his patches really well.
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    LED Torch, just don't forget the associated system manager (or whatever it's called) that's needed as well.

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