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    I'd love to be able to use EDICT on a Palm Pre. Having the option of a pop-up dictionary that uses the notification area would be a killer feature too! Imagine just highlighting a word in a text, and the definition pops up at the bottom of the screen. I can do this with my Palm TX using Wdic. It works amazingly well.

    There are many dictionary files to be found for free on the net too. So something like a Stardic files viewer would be amazing. That way it could be used with any language.

    Right now this is what is keeping me from getting a Pre.

    Anybody care to program such an app?
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    I bet Ultralingua would be glad to make one for $19.99
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    I wouldn't mind paying 20$, honestly. Apps on the TX were MUCH more expensive than they are on the new platforms. So if I get a Pre, I'll have to use Classic and run my old dictionary files. Not fun.
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    Ultralingua probably is not going to handle languages with non-roman scripts, like Japanese and Chinese. These languages have difficulties that far exceed those of European languages. Japanese, especially, has multiple sets of characters.

    For Chinese, I've been using Pleco within Classic. It's an amazing PalmOS app and runs well in Classic, but the widgets are hard to tap on without a stylus. Furthermore, Classic is slow to load, and once it's running causes noticeable slowdown in other apps, like the built-in email app. Unfortunately, the Pleco developer has so far been unimpressed with the Pre market and has no plans to develop a webOS version of Pleco. He might eventually change his mind about the Pre--I hope so. Right now, I'm tempted to buy an iPod Touch just to run the iPhone version of Pleco.

    There might be Japanese dictionaries for PalmOS that work within Classic, but of course Classic is not integrated with the rest of webOS.
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    If the clipboard was shared between webOS apps and Classic, it wouldn't matter so much. But right now it seems like it will take a while before I will be able to get a native webOS dictionary...
    I am feeling inclined to buy the iPhone 4G this summer, and eventually get a Palm webOS when it is more mature and dictionaries are released. As an investor, this saddens me quite a bit, but the state of affairs for Palm is so sad now.

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