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    I sent a question to Skyscape regarding the possibility of their medical apps becoming available for webOS. Here is their response:

    Dear Jim,
    Thank you for contacting Skyscape Support.

    I understand that you wish to use the Skyscape product on the device directly, instead of installing them through the ClassicApp.

    We understand your concern & hence would like to inform you that our engineering team is already working on it & we should be releasing the products for Palm Pre device soon. These products would not require ClassicApp emulator to install them. However I would not be able to provide you with exact time period or date now.

    We thank you for suggestion & feedback and are glad to have you associated with us.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any further assistance.
    Warm Regards,
    Customer Support Executive

    Skyscape, the Most Trusted Name in Mobile Medical Information, supports all
    customers 24x7.* For details on phone, live chat and email options go to .
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    good to know
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    That would be great...
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    great finally.epocrates and lexicomp are there so skyscape definitely needs to get on our platform.Go palm webos!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by diegoeatspandas View Post
    On their website,
    [url= Mobile medical references on iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, PDA, PPC, Symbian, Android devices[/url]
    it says it's available for palm pre. o.O
    Available for Palm Pre "Classic" which means you have to run them under Classic emulator - they don't have native webOS apps yet.


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