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    I'm on my 3rd book in less then a month. I love to read and would read more books if the dang library of mine supported the Pre or I had a way to get the files to my pre from adobe digital reader
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    I'm on my 3rd book in less then a month. I love to read and would read more books if the dang library of mine supported the Pre or I had a way to get the files to my pre from adobe digital reader
    Pretty much anything can be converted to formats that the Pre supports by Calibre. The problem is, as I alluded to earlier, removing the DRM so that it can be converted.
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    My very first PDA was the Palm IIIE, and it changed my bookreading forever. I haven't read a paper book since then. I've read countless books on my many PDAs, phones, etc. and I love it. Sure, it's not "optimal" but once I start reading, I forget what I'm looking at, haha. I highly recommend books on a device instead of paper.
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    I, too, was skeptical. But now I'm a big fan.

    Here are MY worries (some of which others have echoed), and what I think now:

    >> eBooks cost more than real books.

    My local library let you check out eBooks. While they don't have everything, they offer a decent selection. For example, I just finished Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" and have started "Super Freakonomics." Both free.

    As for buying books, I'm not sure that I'd pay more for an eBook over a physical book, except... see my comments below...

    >> Screen is too small.

    The Pre's screen is small, but I found that it actually works. Using pReader, you can pick your font size.

    >> Too many taps.

    Flicking to "turn the page" is no harder than physically turning a page. In fact, I can do it with one hand, which is hard to do with a physical book. Makes reading while standing on the subway (holding onto a subway strap, bar, or handle) possible... whereas not so easy with a real book.

    >> Am I really going to read more?

    Having my Pre with me all of the time means that, no matter where I am, I have my book. Lunch, subway, passenger in a car, around the house, bed, bathroom (ummm, did I really say that?!?), wherever. With real books (or a dedicated eReader like Kindle), I need to carry it with me. Something I'm not apt to do.

    Which means, I'm reading more.

    >> A real book is more durable than a Pre.

    True, but if I'm already using my Pre, is it any worse to ALSO use it for reading?

    >> Battery life.

    Yes, with the Pre, this is an issue. But since I already need to "top off" my charge every few hours, this isn't a huge deal. Throw in CPU Scaler, and battery life isn't an issue even when I'm not near a charger for the whole day. If worried, I force a lower CPU rate, since you don't need much power to read.

    >> Sounds good, but are there problems?

    Doesn't work well for rich books, such as those with lots of pictures. pReader did a good job with the drawings in "The Lost Symbol," but utterly failed when I tried the graphically-rich Guy Fierdi "Drive-ins, Diners..."

    >> Other downsides?

    It's hard to "thumb through" an eBook. I've had times where I've wanting to check back at a prior chapter. It's easy to search (try that with a physical book!), but sometimes thumbing through would have been easier.

    So, in the end, for reading novels and the like, it works quite well. Plus, that search capability is nice for reference books (my clergy member carries all the relevant scriptures and related documents on his Kindle and says that the ability to search has revolutionized his work).
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    E-books do not cost more then real books. The majority of E books on Kobo cost the same if not less then the real book, and Kobo constantly gives out $2 off coupons.
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    I have read all the Harry Potters (Yes I read one out of curiosity and got hooked. ii ) on my old Treo 655P. I am on my 6th book in a series on my Pre. I try to read at least a chapter a night. I love to read.

    The Pre's screen is very clean and crisp and large enough to basically be the same as a paper back in landscape orientation, just not quite as long. A simple flick is all it takes to go to the next page.
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    I have a question about the Kobo app. Can you use it to read public domain books in epub format downloaded from project Guttenberg?

    Also, I know that the Kindle app on the iPhone, Mac and Windows versions sync bookmarks. Does Kobo do the same thing? If so, would it work with books downloaded from P Guttenberg?

    Yes, the Pre's screen size is way too small to be used as an eBook reader. Even browsing the web is a pain for me. The c40 better have a near 4" screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    I used to think so, but then I started fiddling around with preader and now it's like, I want an ebook of everything! But I'm not going to pay ebook prices. Seriously, I could find the same book at the store for two dollars less and going for an additional 30% off. Thus, I operate off the generous donations of others.

    pReader's got an autoscrolling feature also, so you don't have to click as much.
    I use pReader and the older version of B & N and (desktop readers). Both Barnes & Noble and Amazon actually sell e-books cheaper. The B & N version can be read on your Pre, it just can't be downloaded directly to the Pre. The Amazon version requires conversion. I've been book purchaser crazy ever since I discovered that I can use both of these sites.

    Also pReader allows you to make the font as large as you'd like and to autoscroll.
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