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    I've had my Pixi for a couple months. So far I've just downloaded free apps. That's about to change. I used the golfpin finder today and it was more accurate than my buddies skycaddie gps. Plus it has a scorecard and you can email the scorecard at the end of the round. Super high quality app and well worth the price.

    I also like the opportunity to download a demo version to try before I buy. This app gives a two week demo. Just long enough to realize you don't want to be without it. If more apps were this way, more would sell, imho.
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    I concur.
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    I too agree...
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    We typically only get a 1.5% turn over rate when we have a lite vs. regular version. Lots of people just keep playing the same five levels of our games over and over for months. One guy has a game now going for three weeks.

    On the other hand, our games that have no lite versions do definitely sell better.

    Still, I doubt I get $2/hour programming for Palm.
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    Having a lite version also doubles the review fee, so your app costs $100 instead of $50 because there are two versions.
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    Oh! And plus, people tend to give me horrible ratings on my lite versions because "There are only ten levels"... etc.
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    I understand about the lite versions. I don't think the lite version works. If it has enough features to get good reviews then no one upgrades to the full version. I really like the full-featured demos where you have all the features, just for a limited time. If you want to keep the app after that trial period, you have to buy. Could an app be placed in the catalog and when you choose to download it asks if you want a free trial or to purchase? This way you would have only one submission fee.
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    I also agree.

    I have only free apps and mobile sites. If I were to test a full version for a short time I would probably be more willing to look at a paid app.

    Maybe to keep from making two versions make it so you have to plug in a activation code to open the app up to keep cost down? Im not a dev so I don't know how any of this works..

    My hats off to anyone that creates an app though because I wouldn't now where to start. So you guys know I still appreciate you all.
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    That might be the way to do it. You get the full app at download, but a week or two later it stops working until you buy the activation code. So if you decide it's not for you, then delete it, if you can't live without it, buy.

    This seems to me a way to get more people to try apps without backlash to devs if it turns out to not meet their needs. Didn't work for me, no problem, I'll try another one out. If the app is good people will then buy and give good reviews.
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    I must be one of the few that buy apps. I don't think that $5-$10 is to much to pay even if it is not a must have. Considering the fact that starbucks charge $5 for coffee. I happily payed $35 for DTG with my treos and centro and would pay for the webos version if they would ever release it.

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