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    I posted back in January that I was anxiously awaiting apps (like everyone else). I WANT to stick with wedOS but I also have a Hero and just gave my iPhone 3Gs to my daughter. With the EVO and iPhone 4 on the horizon I will shortly be giving up on webOS/Palm unless this situation changes. I'm not overly excited by Android but it offers apps like Shazam, Sports Tap and Where. iPhone OS works great and we know about the apps. I started with Palm, I want to stick with Palm, but it's taking too long. Also, the Pre is getting ancient in the world of cell phones. Time for a new model! Not really looking for an answer, just venting a bit.
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    I concur.
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    PDK developed apps are not yet allowed into the app catalog by non-partner developers, if that's what your referring to. But as far as the actual SDK goes, it really hasn't changed very much since last time, some minor fixes here and there but still no mic access which would be needed for Shazam and similar apps, and still seems a little restrictive.
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    "Where" is available for webOS. I installed it this morning.

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