View Poll Results: If MotionApps released a Palm-OS-based Shazam-type App, would you buy it?

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  • Yes!

    11 78.57%
  • Yes - I don't have Classic Emulator, but will buy it if a Track ID program is released for Palm OS..

    0 0%
  • No - Don't want this kind of app

    1 7.14%
  • No - Don't have Classic Emulator, and don't plan on going back to Palm OS.

    2 14.29%
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    Hey Crew!

    I, like many of you on here, am a proud owner of the Palm Pre, who KNOWS that webOS is leaps and bounds ahead of the iPhone OS in many regards. I, also, like many you guys, have been hanging out for the release of the MIC Api, so that apps such as Shazam can hit our devices..

    Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any news of any forthcoming release of a MIC API. I know some people have been saying "wait until July", but there's nothing that's been confirmed.. It's just an assumption that Palm will provide a major refresh on an iphone-type cycle..

    However, as a lot of you may have heard, the Classic Palm OS Emulator built by MotionApps has recently been updated and a VoiceMemo app included, which gives us a glimmer of hope..

    So here's the proposition... why not develop a track ID-type program for Palm OS? I've already sent a PM to Classic, who has forwarded the idea to the devs at MotionApps. There is a Shazam app that was built for the Palm Centro (Palm OS-based), floating around the net, but it doesn't work under classic ... but this shows that such an app IS possible under Classic!

    What if we all team up and show the devs that if a program like that were released, it would be popular?

    So, calling all Pre/Pixi users ... If MotionApps released a Palm-OS-based Shazam-type App, would you buy it? Vote now!

    For those who don't know what Shazam does :-
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    Yes, I do love the OS of Palm Pre, but it sure does seem to be falling by the wayside compared to iPhone. I hate that because yes, I do like the iPhone, but I love my pre. I however, feel that it is taking too long, considering there were already established norms for smartphones that Palm didnt include on the release version of Pre. Voice dial, hello it's the law in most states to have handsfree, and this a common feature even on lesser phones. I even feel that Pre Os is way better than android, however it is limited because we do not have the full access to apps as they do, gimmicks or not, they work.
    People that buy the pre, need to have the basics already set up, like the iphone does, and if you want the more specialized gimmicks to work, like jailbreak does for iphones, then great, however, eg, my mother wouldnt know how to root the danged phone to add something like landscape email. Come one Pre, I like the open source but basic features that already exist shouldnt be reliant upon open source programmers to add.
    This is one of the many reasons Pre is failing, yes failing, Look it, they had to go to ATT, Verizon and Sprint to be sold. The iPhone is still only available through ATT and yet still has higher sales. The facts dont lie, and I do LOVE my phone just very frustrated that we as Pre users STILL do not have the basics like the other phones and dont want to be in the situation where my phone is outdated and useless. PLEASE CATCH UP. It's been over a year now.

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