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    Quote Originally Posted by bondfast View Post
    Hi - I downloaded Scratch, but the Google docs import doesn't work for me at all. Every time I try I get the error message "Invalid Login" but it's not true - I'm using my correct info!!
    Just to clear this up, my problem was finally solved be changing my google docs password to a simpler one. Maybe Scratch can't handle symbols in the password? Dunno, but it's working fine now. Great program & thanks to the developer for helping me out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    Notes app ... it is a great app for people who, believe it or not, know what they want and not to pay $2 more for features they don't need. I don't even use your app, but seriously, no need to go slagging off on other devs and their apps.
    Ok, I guess I was too subtle last time.

    Notes is $3.99. Scratch is $5.00

    $3.99 + $2 is NOT $5. It's $5.99. And that's more than I charge anyone for Scratch.

    If Notes were $3, and Scratch were 166% the cost, I'd concede the point and let it lie. But "Inglorious Apps" pulled the oldest marketing trick in the book, and figured that you wouldn't notice the extra $.99.

    Scratch is only $1.01 more than Notes -- only 125% of its cost. Yes, $5 is more than $4... but almost half as much more as you made it out to be.

    I'm not at all shocked that anyone falls for it when deciding to make the purchase -- Scratch and Notes and most other apps in the catalog are all cheap enough that an extra dollar still leaves them less than an hour's minimum US wage. But I am shocked when someone not only falls for it, but then parrots out the implied price as if that $.99 didn't really come out of anyone's pocket.

    Sheesh. No more bashing Notes, though. (Although I am tempted to spend the rest of the weekend stealing a few of their features...)
    Last edited by Planesdragon; 06/04/2010 at 11:44 PM. Reason: (Yes, Notes has more than two features Scratch doesn't.)
    Doug Meerschaert

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    Oh, and for those watching this thread -- 1.2.4 is on the way to the app catalog. It's a minor bugfix, but its biggest change is a Unicode Escaping sequence that, I hope, will solve that dreaded "invalid format" error Google Docs keeps bouncing back. (If it does, I'll owe some big companies some apologies... assuming they fix the existing API problems.)
    Doug Meerschaert

    Apps: Scratch, GasMath, CheckMath
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    I've now received 3 Notes Updates to the last zero updates on Scratch.. *big sigh*
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    Quote Originally Posted by volcom45 View Post
    I've now received 3 Notes Updates to the last zero updates on Scratch.. *big sigh*
    Ask and yee shall receive.

    No Insult Software Blog Archive Scratch 1.3.0
    Doug Meerschaert

    Apps: Scratch, GasMath, CheckMath
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    I asked once before. :P Where's the spell check or ability to group, sort, password protect sensitive scratches? It's nice that you got Google sync working but how about some features now? :P

    Update: Oh, I missed the link to a new release it looks like you have ready.. nice. That submitted?
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    Yep. And for spelling out a list of requests, I'll move those to the top of my programming list.

    Spell check I'm going to hold off on (I want to find a way to leverage something like gspell in a hybrid app) but password protection and more options for the main screen are pure sdk features worth getting to. (that and bulk sync.)
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    does this store documents on the phone? I want to keep the document(spreadsheet) on my phone and then upload it for safe keeping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sk8sc View Post
    does this store documents on the phone? I want to keep the document(spreadsheet) on my phone and then upload it for safe keeping.
    Scratch stores its word processor documents as entires in a local SQLite table on your palm's USB drive partition, and sends them back and forth to google on your request.

    It doesn't handle spreadsheets very well, and likely will never handle them as well as a real spreadsheet program. Scratch's feature set is nearing a spot where I can start a new project, and I intend for that to be a spreadsheet or spreadsheet-like thing, but it would be a separate application. (And depending on its feature-set, it may be more than $5.)
    Doug Meerschaert

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    Doug Meerschaert

    Apps: Scratch, GasMath, CheckMath
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    Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like I can create docs on your app, load them to the google docs site, and then load them to my desktop to open with MS word and vice-versa? If that is the case, I will definately buy it at the 2.50 price and would frankly buy it at 5.00 too. My main issue is I use Word at work and would like to have the option to do more than view documents (obviously).
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    spot on -- Scratch was written for precisely that usage.
    Doug Meerschaert

    Apps: Scratch, GasMath, CheckMath
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    Will the paid version of Scratch allow you to open an edit .DOC or .TXT files saved on your device?

    I tried the beta version and it didn't seem to be able to do this.

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    the icon is better, but still ugly
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    After the update I am still having Google Docs import problems. I've tried creating a new Google Doc with some typed text and it works fine, but cut and paste is hit or miss. It must be the formatting of the text I am pasting.
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    I used Scratch today to record notes during church. I must say I was impressed The bullets were very easy to use and I never missed a beat typing the outline of the sermon out today. Great App!
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    Did anyone notice the Scratch update a few days back? Any idea what's new? I see there's what looks like a "sync" button at the bottom, but haven't tested it yet (need to check that Google and Pre versions of notes are backed up in case I accidentally overwrite something).

    I checked the developer's website, and don't see anything new since ~June.

    A few months back I was having trouble with some formatting functions, and e-mailed the dev. I got fast response at first, but after a few e-mails, and before my issue was fixed (or explained) I stopped hearing from him.

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    Still waiting on the ability to organize these into subfolders or even rearrange the order other than alphabetical. Is this coming? Thanks.

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    sorry for the delay, folks. In september the mrs and I closed on our new house, and in early October our first baby was born.

    The current scratch version is 1.4.3. I'm working on what will be either 1.4.4 or 1.5, that contains a final fix for that darn google login issue, an ability to turn off the dashboard notification, and the ability to open files in new cards.

    webos 2 is coming, and bringing with it some very cool features. Not the least of which is local file access... Meaning that I don't need to simulate folders, when I can use the built-in linux filesystem to have actual ones.

    depending on the exact date webos hits and how busy the holidays are, I may get a mock folder structure in, though.
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    Fair enough, thanks for the update. Congrats on the new house and the new baby! Happy Holidays..
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