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    I am using a Movistar Palm pre from Spain. It is unlocked by NextGenService. I created a profile and selected location to be US. I suppose, by selecting US, I can purchase applications in the app catalog. However, after I created the profile and went into the app catalog, I can't see most of the applications. I can only see those free apps. When I try to add an account, it only accept europe credit cards, but I only have a Canadian credit card.
    What should I do so that I can start getting those paid apps?? Is there any patch in "WebOSQuickInstall" that can fix this?

    Thank you!!
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    Is your phone brand new? The phone remembers the location it was first activated in. It's device ID is registered in Palm servers where it was first activated. I'm not too familiar with this area though...
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    No, it isn't. i bought it from someone who bought it in Spain. But I think people in Spain can download paid apps, can't they?

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