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    Hi all,

    I recently read about Time Warner, Comcast and Cablevision offering their Cable Subscribers FREE WIFI Hotspot Access.

    That's nice and all, but I can't find the WIFI Hotspots they are offering. Even on Time Warner's website the locator that they built is really bad, you enter your area and it shows you a map (maybe it's google) and there are fuzzy blue spots that I think what are the Hotspots. Doesn't seem to be many!

    But its a step in the right direction and it's FREE.

    I was thinking that it would be nice (since I don't remember seeing one in Palm's App Catalog) to have some sort of WiFi Hotspot Database for my area and a WIFI Location Finder as an application.

    Can this be done and is anyone interested in this?



    On another topic or request, since I am here I might as well ask for this next app, which I've been dreaming about and haven't mentioned to anyone.

    Can someone build (if they are interested and think it's worth while) an application that can Find a ATM Machine for my bank that is within a certain distance to where I am presently.


    I'm in the middle of Manhattan and I don't want to pay to use an ATM from a bank that I don't have an account with, I hate forking over that $3 fee.

    I open this app and have my personal bank preselected (in my case that would be Citibank) and can be changed to any of the popular banks available in the list that is provided (and can be updated if new banks open) and I say how far a radius I want to search around (example 1-10 miles) I tap the Find ATM button now.

    The Pre and the app uses the GPS to find my present location, and does a look-up and search, then compiles the data and presents me with several options that are within the range of distance that I preselected, highlighting the closest one to me (or puts that one at the top) then I tap another button that says, 'Guide me there'.

    It then feeds the data to the Sprint Navigation application which then gives me turn by turn directions.

    Or it can feed Google Maps for directions.

    Whatever map and location service that that particular Cellular provider allowed on the phone.

    Does this sound like an app that people would want, because I know I do.

    I believe a lot of city dwellers would like this, I'm not so sure about people that live in the suburbs, but maybe they would want this as well.

    Let me know if you think this can be done (or if its been done already).


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