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    Invasive Bamboo has just updated Block Breaker and Block Breaker Lite for the Pre and Pixi. Both versions have all new challenges and updated levels. The free version now includes ten levels to try!

    New Features

    Internationalized - The program now supports German, Spanish, and French translations provided by many of the fine people here at PreCentral. Thanks again!
    Half-Size Bricks - Some levels now feature half-width bricks. This allowed us to make many of the levels more interesting and introduce some new challenges the previous version didn't allow us to have.
    Moving Bricks - Animated bricks are now featured in many of the levels.
    Micro/Mega Ball - This new power-up grows or shrinks the ball for extra challenges.
    Death - A new rare instant death power-up has been introduced. You'll see it more when the bosses are introduced next update.
    Star Field Background - The background screen now has a new animated star field scene.
    Updated Levels - Every levels was reviewed multiple times and many were replaced with new challenges.
    Updated Collision - The code that handled the collision between the ball and bricks has been updated and fixes some of the problems of the previous version.
    Updated Tilt Control - Tilt has been updated to give a cleaner and smoother experience when using tilt instead of a finger.
    Lag - Now that version 1.4.1 of WebOS has been released, Palm has finally given us a way to remove the lag that was noticeable in some of the previous versions.

    Block Breaker
    Block Breaker Lite

    As always, we're listening to you. If there is a feature that you want, please let us know. If you find a particular level too easy/too hard, let us know about that as well.

    Thanks and Enjoy!

    -- Phillip Davis
    -- Invasive Bamboo
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    I believe that I addressed an issue with the performance of the game.

    Could someone download the free version and see if it is still lagging on your phones?
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    I just got the new version and played the first 4 levels. It seemed to run fairly well for me. I wish there was sound but that is not your fault. Adding sound I am sure would make it too sluggish to play as sad as that is, hell my old Treo never had those problems <SIGH>
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    Desperately needs a tilt calibration, in my opinion. Otherwise, I really like this game.
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    I really appreciate the feedback. Some users are experiencing some major lag, other users are experiencing no lag at all. Trying to determine where the problems are, and what devices are affected.

    There is sound. We used some system sounds, you can turn them on in the Preference screen. Click on the tool on the main form.

    Tilt calibration? That's very interesting. You looking to set the maximum amount that the phone must be moved left/right to move the paddle? I'd like to hear more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaslin View Post
    Tilt calibration? That's very interesting. You looking to set the maximum amount that the phone must be moved left/right to move the paddle? I'd like to hear more.
    Well, that might be interesting, but the main thing is that with my device on a flat surface, the paddle is 2/3 of the way to the right instead of in the center.
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    Oh! I see. Strange. I think that would be part of the operating system to calibrate, but I'll give it a shot.
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    By the way, we believe that the main reason for the lag is that the background star pattern is chewing up too much of the CPU. Go into the preference screen and try it on and off to see if this is what is causing the lag.
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    I've went thru and lowered the number of stars in the background from 40 to 20 and resubmitted it last night. I hope that fixes a lot of the lag issues.
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    What is the difference between the lite and full version?
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    The lite version has ten levels. The full version has fifty levels (and growing) plus our gratitude.
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    I purchased the full version just a week or two ago. On Thursday this week I woke up to find out that my Pre Plus was not working so Verizon gave me a new one. Once I signed in to it all of my apps transferred over automatically EXCEPT Block Breaker. Not only that but no matter what I do I can't find it in the App Catalog anymore. Even after doing the OS update it is nowhere to be found. Any thoughts? I'm very frustrated because I paid for this App and was growing very addicted to it.
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    ?! Ummmm.... Err...

    I'm totally stumped. My only suggestion at this point is to contact Palm's Technical Support department. The developer's have no control of the App Catalog on how it is published or problems once it gets there.

    I am glad to hear you enjoy it!
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    There is a hidden block on level 45 on the far right side near the middle.
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    I would love to install this game again, but it really sucks that Verizon won't give us the update to 1.4.1...instead we are stuck at 1.4.0.
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    This game just keeps getting better.

    However, on the latest version (2.2.3, full version), it seems that whenever I'm getting a 1up it's putting me back up to 9 lives. Also, I think when the ball gets put into play for the first time, it should be in front of the blocks, and not behind them.
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    The total number of lives that I was allowing is 9. Already had several complaints about it, so I'll let it go to 99.

    Good idea on the ball, I'll change the draw order.

    I've also fixed level 45 in yesterday's update. Should be ok now! Sorry about that!

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