Since the alarm comes with the Webos get you reminded when the time is right, I just thought you probably want to be reminded when the location is right. For some of us, location is more important than timing. That is right, what matters is location, location, and location!

The first version of this app was really basic - As the it is open, a world map show up. Just navigate to and click the location, you are all set. You phone will let you know when you are there.

After that, several updates are made and some more features are added:
-Multiple Alarm support
-Goggle map Search!
-Customized ringtone
-Note/memo on Alarm
-Improved algorithm for better battery life

The progress was slow because I have to take care of my full time job, and my new born daughter. But it is still moving. To improve my app further, I need your help! Please download it from the App Catalog for free and try it. If you like it, leave your comment there; if not, please be sure to let me know!!! You can either response my post, or just send me an email.

You can download it here in the App Catalog for Free. Just search for spacealarm.

As a long timePalm fan, I brought a Pre on the first day it was available in Canada, and I really like it. Webos is a new platform. No matter what is the future of Palm's stock price or ownership, I hope it all the best. Of course it is not perfect (yet). I do think it is the best platform in the market. Go Palm Go!