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    Recently my Pre email stopped including the entire message of an email that I'm forwarding - the confusing thing is that when I select "forward" I can see the entire message in my outgoing email but all that the person who receives it sees is the header of whatever email I'm forwarding, not the body of the forwarded text. I'm not sure if this started before or after I upgraded to WebOS 1.4. Anybody have a thought on what's going on? Is there a setting I'm missing? Thanks!

    Also wanted to mention that I searched around the forums already to see if others mentioned this, but search words like "email forward" turn up a lot of posts about other subjects; so apologies in advance if this has been discussed already. If so, a point in the right direction would be appreciated.
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    I've been having this same issue and also searched the forums and yours is the only post that I've found. No solution or suggestions yet.
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    I wonder if it doesn't have to do with the email provider. My hotmail accounts act the way you are describing, but my gmail forwards the entire message. I am also using the IMAP setup for hotmail, and I wonder if it's not the main culprit in this due to it's reformating messages for "mobile" devices.
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    Hi friends,

    This was plaguing me for a while too.. until today!
    I figured out that in my case, it was because of the Email Megamix patch. Or more specifically (I think, though I can't be sure) the Outlook Formatting patch (which the Email Megamix patch contains).

    I'd much rather be able to forward email chains to people, than to have a couple of extra buttons and doodads, so I removed the patch. And voila. (The one I miss the most, though, is "confirm on send".. and I don't think that's a standalone patch.)

    A side-effect of having removed the patch is, now I can click down into the forwarded text portion of the email I'm composing, and edit it. Not that I'd actually do that. Whereas, with the patch, I couldn't click into the old area.

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    There is a stand alone patch I created and it should be in Preware.
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    aha.. Installing now... Thanks for the heads-up!

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