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    Hi Guys, I know this has been partially covered some time back but I used to be able to stream video to my pre with Orb now I can't. Does anyone know what has changed to prevent this ?
    There has been a fair few requests for an app on here which I would love to have myself. The Orb API is available on their site. Would someone be kind enough to take up this challenge and help us out.

    Cheers all,

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    Anyone, please ?
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    An app would be nice. But I just checked and Orb is working fine for me on my Pre.

    Make sure your Orb server is running on your desktop machine, and make sure you have the stream settings configured right for the Pre.
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    if kinoma worked in classic we'd have a app

    wink "motion apps" wink
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    I'm quite disappointed we don't have anything now. I'm guessing there's a limitation on the SDK or something? iPhone has Air Video and it works quite nicely. Ideally, if TVersity would make an app...

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