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    I love RPGs, Diablo style. Preferably offline and single player, because i can play in my own time then, a few minutes there and then, mainly to pass time (serious gaming doesn't work on the Pre anyway).

    So naturally i had to download Dungeon Hunter and i love it, too.

    Question: Are there more similar games? Unfortunately i don't have time to follow the app catalog and the homebrew community closely and i have only a vague idea of existing apps. I don't like jump and run style games or ego shooters and i'm looking for typical dungeon games with a fighting system similar to Diablo (or dungeon hunter, that is).

    Oh, and one more question: Did anyone try RPG browsergames on the Pre? Since none of them is optimized for touchscreen i don't think playing is very comfortable. But maybe there is a playable one...

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    I grabbed the Visual Boy Advanced and got the final fantasy ROM's to feed my RPG cravings.
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    Hmm, that's an idea. Graphics isn't spectacular, of course, but gameplay should be ok.

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    I gave FF a try. I like it, but the emulator screen is really tiny.

    Any other single player RPGs?

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