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    I've looked through the catalog and preware, and can't find anything. I mostly just want to be able to crop pictures, it'd be nice to be able to adjust the white balance (or even just an option for warmer or cooler) and brightness/contrast as well. But cropping is a biggie in my pictures because I have 2 young boys and sometimes they are too fast for me and end up in the complete left side of the frame, I'd like to crop the picture so that the (we'll say fridge in this instance) isn't the main focus of the picture, lol.

    I was surprised I couldn't find one, I came from android where they had a bunch of photo editing apps and even apps that altered the camera settings (for example, the volume buttons adjusted the WB in camera view before snapping the picture). *shrug*

    But if anyone knows of one, please point me in that direction.

    And on an off note, do you have to have the pre in dev mode to DL apps from preware? I just totally forgot to put the phone back into dev mode first and downloaded a few patches from preware and they work ok, but I was nervous while Luna restarted.
  2. #2 photo editors yet but u can crop (the hard way) by taking a screen shot of your photo (view photo, zoom to what what u want cropped, then press the orange button + sym + p)..then look in your screen captures folder and it should be but thats the only way right now...aside from editing off of the pre. and as far as dev mode you only need it when using webosqi (quick install)...for preware it's not necessary and is better if u have it off when u don't need it (security i've heard)
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    One thing I like about the iphone is that the camera has many cool apps. Making photos look like 70's, like Holga, Sepia, Panaramic. I wish someone would make similar apps for camera on pre, its a nice camera.
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    thanks, notalexrz, I'll try that.

    and good to know, I love looking at apps when I'm bored, glad I don't have to go in and out of dev mode.

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