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    Hi !

    We present to you our Palm Pre and Pixi app CineShowTime, a free app that will let you find nearby movie showings, add them to your calendar, invite your friends...

    The app is available on the official Palm App Catalog

    There also is a vid : youtube : CineShowTime - Palm Pre & Palm Pixi
    And a link to our blog : blog. binomed. fr

    Thanks for your attention,

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    when I tap a movie in the list it keeps loading.
    Anybody has the same problem?
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    Yes. I would like this to be fixed.
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    Could you give me an example of which movie is not loading and where ?

    I need :

    City and country of search
    Movie search

    I will try to reproduce the bug and fix it if I could.

    best regards
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    Im in Omaha Nebraska,USA.

    It happens to me when I pick the theater and time.
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    Its a shame that the icon for this webOS an iPhone, not the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SUPERK
    Im in Omaha Nebraska,USA.

    It happens to me when I pick the theater and time.
    Hello SUPERK, we will try to reproduce your problem and keep aware of our results.

    Quote Originally Posted by RanGT View Post
    Its a shame that the icon for this webOS an iPhone, not the Pre.
    Hello RanGT we are disappointed to see that you (but you are not the only one) are stoping your mind on the icon ...

    Indeed it is an iphone Icon and indeed, this app is on pre but this app was not create only for palm pre. This app as for vocation to be a multi platform application... The first version was for android, now palm and after other system... When we create the icon, we were thinking of the most known phone of the world hoping that the persons which like our application just recognize that it's a phone. and even they recognize an Iphone, they just considered our work on application and not the icon.

    So we have changed the icon for the next version 1.0.5 and it is not a palm pre neither an nexus one. It is a mix from lots of phone.

    We don't want to create a debate for this subject, and will not answer anymore about the icon.

    Hope my answer will satisfy you

    Best regards.

    Binomed Team
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    It keeps loading

    Universal city, TX USA
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    I put my city,movie,and have on for today and all it does is search and search. Will not work for me.
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    I am in NYC, only thing that works is locating near by theaters, when I try to search by a movie name (example: date night which is playing close to me) it keep saying loading for ever. Clicking on movie (found only thru nearby theaters) takes forever to load on wifi. Even after 5 mins on wifi, doesnot load fully.
    Almost sounds like a very alpha version of the app. I hope you polish it for web OS a little bit more.
    Thanks for the app, sorry for the criticism.
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    Hello kkhanmd we will try to reproduice the problem and see what we could do to correct this.

    Did you observe this problem with all movies ?

    Thanks for reporting the error

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    Yes all the movies, and if I try to search for a movie name, the circle keps going, the only thing that work is searching for nearby theaters.
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    It seems that Cineshowtime app was broken (at least for me on a veer running webos 2.2.4).

    Looking at the code, it seems that it is due to Google maps API update that broke the distance calculation function. So I just removed that function, it is not very glorious but it was all I needed. I share the patch in case someone is interested.

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    I'll add this as a solution on the zombie app list. Does it limit functionality? I'm guessing cinemas can't be listed in order of proximity, but I'll have to find the copy of this app that I think I have somewhere.

    I see the original developer's total of four posts are on this thread. Perhaps you could request that the app is made accessible to Preware? (or even open-sourced?)
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